Pros and Cons of BMO Field

Just got back from an awful approximation of a football game. Like many 'Cat fans, we wandered around checking out BMO.

Our Top Cons:
Seats: Very narrow with short backs that flexed. After one half we were vary uncomfortable.
Screen: A bit small
Fans: Only about 1/2 full (yeah… that’s not the field… it’s just Toronto)
That’s about it

Out Top Pros:
Fantastic concession services with plenty of counters, trained staff, and decent food options that lead THF in the cold.
Nice leg room on seats.
Great sight lines.
For cheap seats you don’t have to walk all the way into the stratosphere.

Pro: real grass field - only one in CFL... pity!

Kind of irrelevant, since they show everything except replays. The only thing I would really want to see, and there's some kind of policy against it. Only exception is when Argos make a very good play. Even decent Argo plays are ignored.

I don't really need to see shots of the fans up there 50% of the time. If I want to see a fan I will look to my left or right.

I find it insulting that they will not show any plays made by the visiting team. I paid money too. I have to conclude the team would rather me stay home and watch on TV.

I agree about the video board. They hardly show any replays, even when there is a challenge play it doesn't show up on the whole board just half of it and you need binoculars to actually see it. A bigger board is needed and they need to show all replays.
The plastic seats are not great but a lot better than a bench, we tend to compare with THF or TD Place.
The attendance is a concern I think the official attendance was around 17k, seemed to be accurate this time, but considering it was a Ticat game I thought it would have been bigger. There must have been at least 5k Ticat fans.
We were in the upper deck and that was the most I have seen there since the first game.

I really like BMO for football. Very intimate, cool looking with those canopies. Those metal floors on the upper west side sure do make it loud when the fans up there were stomping. I was in comfortable seats that were even cushioned with backs - but I have sat in the bowl plastic seats others have mentioned. Our seats also gave us access to the Rogers Club under the stands and it was quite nice too. You could hear the PA announcer and music they played clearly and crisply - loud - but not too loud

Real grass looks great, food choices were good. Food I had (hot dog and poutine) - were hot - so no complaints there. Yes the use of the video board is lame.

Certainly could have used a better effort from the Cats - and it would have been nice if about 10,000 more people were there - as it was pretty empty in places.

Some shots I took.

The Rogers Club

The sparse crowd on the east side. This taken with 10 minutes left in the 4th quarter - so this was as crowded as it got.

The real grass looks to be in great shape

Great sightlines - and close to the players

I assume they will start building the temporary seat structure behind those south endzone seats soon

It really is a much more impressive looking stadium with the canopies

You can see where the artificial turf meets the real grass at the goal line in this shot taken as I was heading for the GO Train.

Totally agree. That was so annoying. I know they are trying to engage fans, but I don't go there to watch people dance on the screen I go to see football.

The screen is too small and the seats suck, but the actual atmosphere is so much better than the Skydump.

The game was rough, but I still had a good time so I won't complain too much. We met a Canadian Olympian on the train ride home and chatted with him so that was so amazing.

Con: No Television screens at the concession stands. You have no idea what’s going on if you go and get a beer.

Pro: Much better beer selection at all concessions and much better selection at the concessions. Pulled pork, Taco FC, Stadium Fare and Food Trucks just outside one of the patios. All things THF could easily add.

Maybe they want people in the seats? Especially with smaller crowds?