To all TRUE Lions fans like 81 reasons etc…you guys were loud an crazy today and thank you for one heck of a dog fight. KJ was never really comfortable and did not get a lot going so congrats on that. Keep your heads high fellas, you still have one H3LL of a football team and dont forget that. Most of you were classy throughout the week and to the fans that DIDNT leave with 4 mins left in the game be proud of yourselves for being there for your team! You will be in the mix next year for sure and I look forward to you guys contending next year!


Yeah great game and yes nothing to be ashamed at, you lost to a great team today. Maybe i was watching someone else but KJ looked okay to me and the noise problem was hardly an issue i think the 7 Rider sacks were more of an issue, and yes what was with all those Lion fans leaving when the game was still close? hmmmm yup thats a commited fan base, maybe they were rushing over to check out the canucks score, see you next year :slight_smile:

Much Respect and much thanks, Speed_Kills and Riderfan23. That really was a great game and although it didn't seem like it, the Lions really were in the game till the last minute... I guess giving DD good field position basically throughout most of the second half was too much for his brain to handle... that and what 6 sacks on him? Your D really stuffed our #33. You know what they say about what Defence wins right? Paint the town green...

all fun 81reasons, was Buck Pierce Hurt? i was glad they did not put him in. DD does not do well against the Riders

Well from what the papers here said was that all QBs were ready to go and Wally would put throw in a back up at his discretion. I guess with JJ going what 1 for 8 his last few goes he needed to go with experience to calm the offence down.

While the Leos did get good field position, DD didn't do too badly, but it was the sacks that killed the Lions momentum, IMO and kept them in long yardage situations. Maybe it was DD last kick at the can anyway.