Props Tp M.B

I give props to Marcel for sticking with Quinton Porter last night,it would have been easy to pull him after the first quarter,or even sooner.
Im not sure what was wrong with him be it nerves or "rust" but he looked awful at the beginning.
After about the first 5 or 6 mins it looked like he was (Q.P) waiting to be pulled.
I don't know if Marcel seen something that I didn't or just didn't want to deal with the
Im happy for Quinton and the rest of the guys and I hope Quinton learned alot from this game.
When he finally relaxed he showed what a great QB he could really be.
I must admit that I have lobbied for Glenn to be our starter (and I don't think there would be anything wrong with that)but I am finally convinced that we can win with both guys now.
Who knows maybe Quinton learned from watching Kevin from the sidelines for a few games?
I think the real test will be next week,to see if Quinton can have the consistency to start there where he left off here.
Once again good on Marcel and congrats to the Tiger-Cats for beating the Grey Cup Champs!!
It must have been fate.

Absolutely right, Marcel is a great coach and I'm glad he is the head coach of the Ti-Cats, that was a good decision to stay with Quinton Porter and let him work off the rust in the early going. Also remember Porter made some great passes that were dropped by all our receivers but Arland Bruce is a steady vet with great hands and two great TD catches from Porter and Tafralis.

I think if the timing is right before the end of the regular season Marcel will also give Tafralis some game time especially if we have our playoff berth sewn up or are out in front with a high score. It would be good to see Tafralis given an opportunity to play then we truly will have the best QB set in the CFL.