Props to the Riders

Upon checking the Riders website, I noticed the Riders are allowing fans to purchase Grey Cup championship rings. I don't know if they are replicas, but it is a VERY smart thing to do. I wish that all CFL teams in the future offer this. It's not like the team will have to stock these items as they would be made for whoever may order a championship ring.

Good on you Riders for this brilliant idea.

Interesting idea, although its a bit pricey.. I wonder how many fans will be able to afford the trinkets.

...because, you know, the last thing we'd want is a bunch of non-players who did not partake in the actual game running around with fake rings....

I honestly am not sure if it was the Riders idea, or just Intergold trying to make more money. cheapest ring is 350 which goes up to 2200. If you are an owner you can get a personalized one for 450 to 2500 (guess on top #).
And I may be wrong but I think that they have done this for other teams as well. We met a BC fan in Toronto at the Cup who had a grey cup wring from last year. He claimed he was on the team in some capacity, but the ring looked more like a fan ring (no name, etc) then anything else.

i know the bombers offer a team ring. i klnow it ain;t the same, but it has a blue stone, has the team name around it and the logo on the sides.

And i don;t think they would offer the real rings to fans.

the real rings should be for the players and personel only

The rings the players get will likely be worth more in the neighbourhood of $10 to 20 thousand(maybe more), not the $2200 for the ones the the fans can get, so that should help you guys decide if they are "replicas" or not...

I know the Als had nice rings for the fans that were the same as the players when they won the Grey Cup in 2002.
Its funny ive seen player rings up on Ebay.

ya they are not the same rings at all. The player ring designed has not been released yet

Sorry my bad, good point. The one they are selling to the fans have, "13th man Rider Nation" on the one side though. I'm sure the ones for the players will be more ellaborate and will have players names and numbers on them.

well said. What a dumb idea.

Lions fans got a chance to purchase "REPLICA" rings that are definately different.

Personally, both are so Gawdy looking I wouldn't wear either one.

They wont be $20,000...

Im thinking more like $12,000 tops.... NFL rings are barely $20,000 and thats the NFL.