Props to the Calgary Herald!!!

Front page of the Globe and Mail (arguably a national newspaper): Huge picture of Manning, report on the Superbowl.

Front page of the Calgary Sun: Huge picture of Manning, huge headline saying "Super Manning".

Front page of the Calgary Herald: A big picture of ... a child awaiting surgery at a local hospital. Smaller stories about cancer vaccines (?) being provided to schools, and about a knife victim. Superbowl is relegated to a small picture and headline at the top of the page!

Sure, the superbowl dominated the front page of the sports section, but that makes sense - it was, after all, the championship of a major north american league. Past the front page though, there was only one more page dedicated to it! Really, I think this is an appropriate amount of space for a fairly popular, but FOREIGN, championship game. In the Herald, the Grey Cup got four pages dedicated to it this past year (the only downside being that three of those were at the very back of the sports section, but the front sports page was obviously Grey Cup only). I'm 99% sure the front page of the whole Herald had a big Grey Cup picture and story, too.

Good on the Herald! The Grey Cup is Canadian; the Herald is a Canadian newspaper; hence the Grey Cup deserves more coverage than the Superbowl.

Kudos to the Herald for sure Canuc.

how sad. very petty.


great post, CanucKev. Way to go Herald!

The Star Pheonix was the same way. Front page was about a newborn who was left on a doorstep

Was there a football game? I thought one team forgot to show up and just sent their kickreturner.

Whats with all comparisons, and competitions(for newspaper space nonetheless) between CFL and NFL that many have been discussing?
Its just a different brand of football, just let it exist as it does, not much more to discuss about it IMO.

Great for the Herald, too bad more of our papers were not doing the same instead of having this dribble on the front page instead of the front page of the sports.

If it makes any difference , BC winning the Grey Cup made the front page of the newspapers too.

One big difference, the GC is a Canadian story covered by a Canadian newspaper.

Again I'm impressed with the Herald. I haven't had much chance to read it lately, but when I opened up the sports section today, two full pages (plus most of the front page) were devoted to the CFL. How are other papers doing with CFL coverage?

It's great to see the Canadian league finally getting significant attention from the Canadian media.

Here in Canada, this is how it should be, IMO. The NBA finals, as always, are completely under the radar (foreign league). MLB (also foreign) is, well, baseball. Hockey is finally done. By far, the CFL is the most interesting league for most Canadians between June and September (and probably October). So it's great that the media is finally giving it the appropriate attention (so far!)

3 pages in the Hamilton Spectator today, articles on the Cats of course and a good one on Eskies rb Ron McClendon with a big colour photo. Good stuff!

What's the overall coverage like during the season in the Hammer?

I'd say it's pretty decent but maybe others from The Hammer can comment. The only thing that bugs me is sometimes the Jays get bigger headlines the day after a Cats game if the Cats game was out of town especially in the west and the Jays was a home game agains't say the Sox or Yanks. But I suppose I'll have to live with this and not lose too much sleep over it, afterall the Jays are fairly big here as well, not with me but with a fair number of people.

Lions have been getting two full pages a day in the Vancouver Province since training camp started.

Well guys I am envious, as here in the Center of the Universe the coverage is on again(no more usually then one article) and off again.
Sporadic to say the least and unfortunately consistent with history.
Sad indeed.

Two situations, one response:

:x if you don't like the CFL coverage in your paper, write them and tell them so :D if you like the CFL covereage in your paper, write them and tell them so

It takes five seconds to hop on the net and fire off a message to the sports editor.

The same goes for TV and web. Let your local news stations know that you want to see CFL coverage.

I'm in Waterloo region and the primary newspaper is the KW Record. It covers the CFL from afar. Like its a distant thing that happens once in awhile. There are some articles but not as many as I think there should be, but then again, I am biased.

I'd say we're all biased, but I don't think it's too much to ask that the only pro sports league that is exclusively Canadian, and the second-biggest league in Canada, should get the attention to match ...