Props to Mark Cohon

On Doug Brown's (Wpg) CJOB radio show and Free Press article he stated that Mark Cohon was present at this years CFLPA Annual Meeting in Las Vegas, he stated that Mark Cohon was present. He noted that most people could never remember a Commissioner being present at these meetings ever. Apart from some issues with secrecy (on issues that should be transparent) he stated that the talks went quite well. Mark Cohon stated his vision for the league:

The one thing I will share with you is that Cohon's message to us regarding his vision for the evolution of the CFL was simple and ambitious: to make the CFL the most respected sporting organization in Canada, bar none.
Good to see Mark Cohon taking an active role in CFLPA discussions. I would suggest he takes Mr. Browns advice and make league issues transparent and discussable, after all the first step in tackling a problem is admitting you have one.

Once again an excellent article by Doug Brown, good job!

EDIT: Link to Free Press article, excellent read.[/url]

Good read mp. It's difficult sometimes in business affairs to decide what should be transparent and what should be secret because there are different hidden agendas at work, again sometimes, which can cloud things. We all know that most times, not all the cards are always on the table, for various reasons. In the end, all you can hope for is that the CFLPA and the league, in this case, are on board with enough things up front to make the league work successfully.

....Doug is a very intelligent guy who tells it like it is....i would expect him to surface in the Bomber operations , in some capacity ,after he hangs em up....
...Cohon deserves a pat on the back for sure...a very informed comish is what everyone wants to see....good on ya Marc... :thup:

Where the hell is Sporty? Figures today he doesn't come online! :lol:

Anyway. Thanks for the article. I'll give it a read later on.

The invisible man shows up......Wow! :roll:

Geez with everyone there, all they needed was an Arbitrtator to figure out the Jimenez incident. :roll: :roll:

While Doug Browns article was good, the Commisioner Showing up in Las Vegas to a convention.......Mrs Sportsmen, Wheres my heart pills? I can't take the excitement! :roll: :roll:

I sense…sarcasm. 8)

You sense right.

I'll give credit where credit is due. When Ottawa is up and playing in 2010, I'll be posting here saying good job Mark. His style is different than Tom Wrights, and I guess individuallity is a good thing. But the way he's handled some of the other issues is really a sore point with me. His lack of staying in touch via the media with the fans is a fraction of what Tom Wright had done. I suppose a more fairer (oohhhh jm may smack me on that grammar) report card and reflection should be done after he has put in three years on the job.

Perception is everything. My current perception is, I dont hear or see much of him. But we'll see, he'sonly been here just over a year now.

I'll be watching!

Did the article say anything about how far it was from the hotel to the nearest Keg restaurant? Because it's not a true Doug Brown article unless it includes that.

I can see your point, Sporty. The Jimenez issue is a bit of a sore point with me, as well. But after what happened with AJ Gass, I wouldn't be rushing to punish Jimenez, either.

But he's new, and he's learning the game. He has done some good so far. And personally, I don't mind if he's not calling press conferences every other week. As long as he drops the occasional message to let us know what's up (which he's done), it doesn't bother me.

And why hasn't he hired a Director of Officiating yet? Geez, we all sit here and complain about officiating, yet that group has no leader, no boss. How long until the season starts? Yup all those zebras have no direction yet. Whens Cohon going to hire them a boss? One week before the season starts? Ned Braden posted that the Officials hold a camp in May.....Geez thats less than three weeks away. I feel sorry for whoever the Invisible Man hires. Sure doesn't leave him much time to prepare.

Expect to see four hour games as the officials huddle every six plays to go over what they learned one week before the season started. :roll:

Poll Question:

How many threads will we see complaining about officiating in June? :roll:

We'll probably see a lot... but that doesn't mean anything. People on here just like to bitch. :stuck_out_tongue:

But didn't Cohon say the previous person (his name escapes me right now) would remain the Director of Officiating until a replacement was found? So it's not like these guys are completely without a leader.

And like jm said in another thread, maybe he's just taking his time, going through a list of candidates to find to the best possible replacement.

LOLOLOL....Chief, you're one of the funniest guys on here.

Why is a CFL players meeting being held in the U.S.?

Why Mark? Well lets see, wherever it is, the players going get an all-expense paid trip. Now, would you rather be in a hot climate and lounge around the beach or pool or in Canada where we are still getting snow in April? Not a very difficult decision some would say.

But I know what you're saying, it is the CANADIAN Football League and as such, the meetings should be in Canada where money is spent in Canada on hotel rooms, meals etc. Fair enough argument for sure.

Canada gets it's fair share of American Business meetings at many of our beautiful resorts and hotels. Goes both ways, having the Annual CFLPA meeting in Vegas for one year is not something to get upset about.

Love that quote. Wonder what he has in store.

Thanks for the link.