Props to Condell

Did anyone notice our offence being used by the Steelers last night against the Bungles ?

After Big Ben went down, the young backup QB Mason Rudolph has shown some real progress .

He throws short, short, and short . They run the “Wildcat” with their running backs.

The Bengals try to adjust , so the Steel pass deep and blow the Cincis away .

I wonder if Mike Tomlin is watching TiCat games . Marcus Tucker #15 was a favourite of Tomlin’s and is having a super year with the other black and yellow team .

The Steeler D played more like the old Steel Curtain and some of us might say that the Cat D is almost there .

Pat Lynch (the coach Condell fan)

An offense that actually beats good defenses can’t be praised enough.

Was skeptical at first because both Masoli and Evans struggled with it at first and the first read never seemed to be open meaning that receiver was struggling with it too.

Condell has made the offense a power house. And that’s a damn rare thing in these parts.

Maybe Tucker is secretly leaking our playbook to the Steelers. ;D

Condell seems to be evolving the playbook. Offence seemed rather vanilla for parts of the season but since Labour Day he seems to have mixed it up a bit. There are more intermediate pass routes being optimized as well as deep balls which were lacking.

However, Addison and Banks as running backs seemed to get sniffed out by the Bombers defence. He might need to shelf those plays for a while if teams are on to them.

Hopefully the trend with Condell continues. It reminds me of that 8-3 run in 2015 before Zach blew out the knee.

100% agree, my thoughts exactly summed up.

Can’t agree more. I was not a big fan of his offence the first few games but now. Wow.... if we execute it.

Agree with your point about using our receivers as running backs. Still very concerned about the lack of using our actual "running back". Why did he not use Sutton more, especially after some hard running. 8 carries? He only came back to him later in the game to protect the lead. I think the lack of a more balanced attack will not bode well in the playoffs. Reminds me of Austin and his aversion for the run, even though we had C.J. Gable.

There is no real need to run against Winnipeg. They have some serious coverage issues in the back end. If you can keep your QB on his feet they can be exploited. We ran enough to keep the d-line honest and Sutton did an outstanding job in protection. Every time he dropped out for a check down he chipped a d-lineman on his way out. Sutton will likely get more carries against other teams, but it's not the best game plan for Winnipeg.
My pick for Sutton's best Stat of the game
Winnipeg 1

The offence is certainly hot right now, I agree as I also would like to see Sutton and Irons used more.

Finally got an offense where everyone is dialed in and succeeding. The next logical step is to change it.

It worked well against Winnipeg because their secondary is weak. Montreal and Hamilton easily exploited it.Their run stopping however is the class of the league. Sutton went nowhere and the Banks/Addison draws actually lost yards at times.

The game plan should change for Condell depending on what the opposition presents. If he can adapt and shift gears then the offence will be a true powerhouse.

I’m gradually coming around to Condell. Probably still a bit bitter about him walking out on us and going to the Argos a couple of years ago. Hurt both the Cats and Mac Marauders as it turned out.

Pretty well over that, but still think a lot of the no running back based running game offence falls to him. I can see the SBs and WRs as ball carriers as gadget plays, to draw in the LBs and DBs, but think we need running back based plays to chew up yards and clock time late in the game.

IMO, Dane Evans seems ideally suited to Condell’s offence, especially as he has now recalibrated his aim and power on the short throws. Looking forward to Sutton getting more touches.

IF we clinch first, then we have the luxury of coasting into the playoffs i.e. dialed down playbook whatever you want to call it... I am sure Condell will have some Nasty surprises ready for defences for the Eastern Final.