Proposed L.A. Football Stadium

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Nice. Of course, the NFL is maybe the only league that really doesn't need LA, the 2nd biggest TV market in the US because they have a lot of people watching the games on TV anyways and the NFL is the penultimate TV league. But still, you have to think the NFL would love to get back in LA even if it hasn't been on their stated priority list in recent years according to what I read in the papers.

I heard about this the other day. Does the NFL really need to expand...?

No, I don't think so because their massive TV contracts don't hinge on a team there otherwise they wouldn't have those contracts. But you know darn well that with a spanking brand new stadium that would work in a city as big as LA, that they would rather be there than say Buffalo, for example, obviously. Despite them saying that LA isn't on their priority list. Ya right.

i dont think it would be expansion...we all know the bills will eb out of buffalo in any given amount of years...lets just hope they go to LA and not toronto


You will be the only one, cuz the seats will be empty.

The Jaguars could end up in LA. They had to cover up some seats despite having a very competitive team, and they are having a tough time selling naming rights to their stadium.
The Chargers or Vikings may also move if they do not get new stadiums.
However, this stadium is only at the idea stage right now. No financial backers are involved yet.

theres only one problem with that, cleveland uck, and will lose the division again to pittsburgh

I'd be OK if a team wanted to relocate, but the NFL doesn't need another team. They already have enough crappy teams, they don't need another.

Edward Roski has already said it would be a team the relocates. And there's plenty of candidates: Chargers, Saints, Vikings, Jaguars... Personally I think it'd be the Jags since they're a small market team and fan support is not very good by NFL standards.

If you believe that, you've officially confirmed my crack theory.


What's with the underhanded comments? Your "crack theory?" And what might that theory be?

Of course the NFL wants LA.

They just haven't come across the right situation yet. They don't need it so badly that they'd rush into the market. I don't see expansion coming to LA unless they expand to Toronto and LA. They won't expand by just 1 team.

I'd look more to a team moving there. Oakland isn't going back and I think if Buffalo goes anywhere it'll be Toronto. I wonder who might leave? I don't follow the NFL enough to make an educated guess.

How are the markets in Seattle or San Diego?

The team that is going to LA will be either the Chargers or Jags

SD-Can't get city support for stadium

Jac-can't get fans

Oak-cuz you never know what Al Davis is thinking

The Seahawks won't be going anywhere. They just got a new stadium a few years ago that is one of the best in the NFL, and they have a very rich owner in Microsoft co-owner Paul Allen.

Although the NFL is more a TV-made league and operation, you know that in the Toronto-Buffalo area, Toronto a growing city is the city of choice if a choice has to be made and in the SanDiego-LA area, LA is the choice, again if a choice as to be made. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to know you want teams in the biggest and growing cities in a given area where you are more likely to get a new stadium built.