Proposed bylaw would end lawn parking

The Ticats new song might need some lyrical adjusting if a proposed city bylaw goes through — no one’s going to be parking on the lawn in this town.

While the new bylaw banning the practice would be citywide, city staff said it stemmed from complaints in the Westdale and Ainslie Wood neighbourhoods.

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As an everyday occurence, I do think that it makes your house look less attractive if your neighbours tenants are parking all the time on their front lawn, looks cheesy. I don't even like my neighbour parking on the city owned road allowance that is between our houses that the city doesn't monitor (he's getting a good deal, doesn't have to pay taxes on the land but uses it for his trucks for his business. The city should be monitoring these road allowances I think but they don't seem to care) but I'm not going to complain because I don't want to make waves with my neighbour who has been there a lot longer than us and he doesn't bring the car too far up the road allowance to be that unsightly for our house. Anyways, I think it is a different story for something like TiCat games where it's all been part of the tradition and people leave after the game, not an everyday occurence. How they would make exceptions though, well, not sure unless there are specific events listed in the bylaw exempt from any new law.

I suppose people might be reading into this article that the long standing practice of parking around the old IWS will no longer be allowed. I think the article refers to the specific problem of parking around homes rented out to students at Mac who don't care, (it's not their property), and the landlords who just collect rent and don't really worry about the appearance of the property. Constantly parking on soft lawns is eventually going to cause ruts and holes and ruin the property but I don't think that is the case with folks living around the Balsam neighbourhood. Usually their lawns are fairly firm and they choose to allow parking on their property and also look after their property. However, by-laws are by-laws and are supposed to apply to everyone. If the by-law does come into force, it would be interesting to see if it is even enforced in 2014 around the new stadium.


Correct. Brian McHattie was on the radio and said that special events like Tiger-Cat games will be exempt.

Which is similar to how the city doesn't enforce no parking by-laws on Sundays near churches. In my mind a reasonable accommodation (and I'm atheist).


If there were some type of international sports award for fans that worried most about parking then Ticat fans would win it easily.

So what happens if people pave over their front lawns because they don't want the upkeep of the grass? Are they exempt from this new law?

Church goers are fine but I go down to Wingfest at the time and get a ticket. Ok, God is more important than seeing a musical group, I guess as the saying might go. Need to check out this God person more often, obviously has some clout. :?

So another words, these landlords are just going to gravel or pave their front yard to have it no longer legally regarded as a "lawn" :lol:

theres a bylaw stating at least 50% green space on front yard. discuused by councillor mchattie and bill kelly this morning

You betch'a! :smiley:

Sounds like more government interference! what happens if someone want to remove all of their grass because it takes too much water? And the replace it with mulch or ornamental stone?

Ottawa had a by-law too around Lansdowne Park too, you couldn't park on any lawn.

We Had a similar by-law in Burnaby, 50% green space. My neighbour dropped down a fake lawn similar to astro turf, and had parking on the green stuff. Held up really well, and he didn't spend half a lifetime mowing his lawn.