Proposal to Mods

Please can we delete all future new threads about the starting quarterback issue? There must be none short of a dozen threads since the beginning of the season about this issue. I think all that can be said has been said:

"Porter's our future." "Glenn's the present." "Porter's inexperienced." "Glenn's washed up." "My dad can beat up your dad." Okay, I threw that last one in because it fits with the other arguments presented.

I think it's fair to say that this issue will not be resolved and there will be a new thread after Labour Day about it. The quarterback link respository that someone put up was a good idea. I thought that would end it. However, there's been a couple new posts since then even.

At this point, another quarterback thread is just junking up the forum.

Forget the Mods, a Member took the time to pack them all together: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=43287

Sorry but if theres 111 pages on a Hockey team pipe dream, QB ones are fine.

If people want to discuss, who are you to tell them to go to he#l? Is the wind supposed to stop because your bag is empty?

Can we delete all future new threads asking future threads about who is our starting QB be merged? :smiley:

Obviously, it's something that many people want to discuss.
Otherwise, there wouldn't be so many posts.
Can we not talk about our quarterbacks now?
I just wish certain people would support or starting quarterback, whoever he is.
They are both ticats.

While I appreciate the sentiments, considering the stuff that we ALL post on here, how can you tell the junk from the trash... so to speak. Just wonderin' :smiley: