Proposal: Hamilton Sports and Entertainment

Hamilton Sports and Entertainment

Owners: Bob Young, Jim Balsillie, David Braley

Assets: Hamilton Tiger-Cats (CFL), Hamilton Tigers (NHL), Hamilton City F.C (United Soccer League), Copps Coliseum

This is the ultimate Hamilton ownership group. Something along these lines is what is needed to get this city on the map. Similar to MLSE and Senators Sports & Entertainment, Hamilton Sports and Entertainment (HSE) will control the sports scope in Hamilton. It a no brainer, let’s get this going Sir Bob Young!!!


Well SteelCity, I think your loose metal parts caused you to omit our NFL team, The Hamilton No Punt Intendeds.

Why are you doing this ?

  1. Braley would likely have to divest himself of ownership of the BC Lions
    if this imagined group were to control the Cats.

  2. Copps is owned by the city through HECFI. Are you suggesting the city should sell Copps to this imagined group?

  3. Would Bob be selling the Cats and Ham F.C. to this omnibus group or would he maintain his control over these teams?

  4. Would this group purchase the proposed Pan-Am Stadium if built? Or would it be city owned?

The point here is that MLSE controls its buildings. Its m.o. is operating stadia. HSE? How would it compare?-

  1. How do the NHL Tigers materialize? What guarantee is there that a) a Hamilton team would be allowed to be iced in the league and b) that Balsillie would be allowed to be part of any NHL ownership group? I have my theory shared by some that Balsillie may be "rehabilitated" over the coming months and years because of the legal hounding that unearthed many NHL bones of years recent and past in how it operates -- and the leverage that may come with that -- but there's no guarantee.

  2. Some speculation that has surrounded a "peace pact" between PSE and MLSE for a future team to be housed at Copps. Jim's effective control of Copps under his current agreement with HECFI in the event he lands a team in Hamilton (that expires later this month) would permit him hire MLSE to manage the building and get a big slice of the money generated by shows and other events at Copps. What would "HSE" have to say about this?

It's a nice balloon to float...but I think that with the exception of the AHL Bulldogs, Bob Young is the guy for pro sports in Hamilton. If the three men could form something, great. I'm not certain how the whole thing would come together though.

Oski Wee Wee,


all very good points. im not trying to answer that all, not my job.

For sure. I get that.

The thing with MLSE is that it was able to secure the Leafs, get the NBA Raptors established, get the ACC built, get the MLS F.C., and spearhead the construction of BMO Field -- with the Teacher's Pension empire capitalizing it. The equivalent of MLSE in Hamilton would have to have similar synergy with the buildings involved to be as big a player in Greater Hamilton as MLSE is in the GTA. A NHL team would be the cornerstone of such a conglomerate simply by its revenue potental vis a vis the other sports. Having RIM, Orlick, and Bob Young coin as a backbone wouldn't hurt either. Time will tell whether convergence along the lines you propose could occur.

Oski Wee Wee,


A few years back there were a few groups trying to buy Copps from HECFI. If the price is right, the city would let the rink go...i dont no how taxes money going into a private building would go over however.

Thoughts?? on what?
A no Brainer?

I see the theory behind this. Having all those arms under one umbrella might help utilize more resources to promote the events and teams.

For example, I sure think the Bulldogs would be helped immensely with more solidified partnerships with the Ticats and any soccer team that shows up. (Although, would likely be too progressive and fan-friendly for them to bother.) And the same would go if the Bulldogs turn into the Tigers.

I just envision joint ticket packages and promotions that would benefit all, or some, of the teams mentioned.

Wouldn't mind adding another foray into the NLL to that list, too.

your right. Look at the MLSE, they have everything covered in regards to marketing and use their strenght with all of the teams invloved.

I think we need to keep David Braley out of Hamilton ... Far And Away out of Hamilton ...