Proposal - everyone get an account on Sportsnet

Ok, I just posted on the CFL is all we have left in this country thread and this has me thinking that with the Sportsnet site, which is arguably the biggest Canadian general sports site apart from individual teams' site, and has huge numbers especially for the hockey part of the forum, that we should all have an account on there and start discussing. I know Sportsnet doesn't carry CFL games but it is a big player in Canada, especially with young people.
Just a thought. The address to the forums is:

thanks , good stuff!

I just don't have time for more than one forum at a time I'm afraid. When the CFL season wraps up, I put my rants in the attic until the next season starts.. I haven't found an NHL forum worth participating in.. it's usually just a bunch of idiots slagging each other.

The Sportsnet forum is pretty good for hockey Calgary, much better than CANOE that's for sure. But yes, slagging does happen there for sure.

I do not like sportsnet! They are a bit wierd to many warners on that site! Besides ha ha I do not know why I got booted but it could have been that I hurt to many rider fans fellings over there! Now that I spent a lot time with Rider fans at the last game here in McMahon Stadium I almost feel bad! But no that is not a good forum to go too. Chewy and I had some run ins with each other over there and well over here I totally understand where he was coming from!

I got banned from Sportsnet for trying to convert NFL snobs.

AMEN brotha

Sportsnet is pro NFL, enough said. Need I remind who the owner is, Uncle Ted.