[proposal] cut Chang bring in Crouch.



Not a chance in hell


Chang is now number 3. If he sticks around he won't see the ball for 3-4 years.

what has croush shown in the CFL that would make u want him???

his ability to get paid while injured?

Or in Hamilton.


If Crouch is available in the offeseason, sign him up for a tryout in training camp by all means.

Chang clearly needs more time. Duh. Casey carried a clipboard once, Ritchie has, it's not a death sentence to have two bad starts in your first two games.

Jimmy Johnson, 1989: "Troy Aikman? CUT!"


What a joke.

deservedly so.

Nope. I think Crouch can play as shown by his Heisman but Chang's resume is too good to ignore after just a couple of games.

An Argo-Cat fan

Or he pulls a Rocky Butler and hangs around, gets some shots, pulls out some games, etc. down the road. And I think it is a road from what I've seen.

Let's be clear: it's Printers, Williams, and Chang now. Ritchie deserves the bump up.

Oski Wee Wee,

yuppers bring him in

no I would not bring him in. The 3 we have are better

One hears this rigmarole about the need for this team to develop some quarterbacks for the first time in decades -- and then after two starts with an O-line whose pass protection is a work in progress at best people are ready to throw Chang to the curb. Unbelievable. You cannot bring in a new QB every three weeks, people. It doesn't work that way.

If Timmy plays like this in 2008 training camp, he's gone because somebody will emerge out of the two or three others and usurp him. I can pretty much guarantee that. That being said, the clipboard detail as #3 might settle him down a bit, get him to be more diligent in the filmroom and get him mentally up to speed in the Canadian game.

Oski Wee Wee,

Totally agree with you oski-oui-oui

No way. Eric Crouch has never been a good QB. At Nebraska he ran for a lot of yards, but the guy was never a very good passer. Do we really need a running back under centre?

He's not good at football.

The Argos kept Mike McMahon over Crouch! Think about that.

[quote="PC45"]No way. Eric Crouch has never been a good QB. At Nebraska he ran for a lot of yards, but the guy was never a very good passer. Do we really need a running back under centre?

HeI couldn't have said it better than PC45...Crouch winning the Heisman is a prime example of the massive Nebraska PR machine's influence on the voting...Crouch isn't the first nor will he be the last flop for the Heisman. Look for him next in the Arena league if at all.

This has got to be hands-down, the stupidest post I have ever read. It lacks reasoning and logic.

I don't care WHO you bring in to replace him ... but the sooner Timmy Chang is back home drinking PINAPPLE Juice in the shade ... the better this ORGANIZATION will be.


Timmy Chang is NOT a Professional Calibre QB. End of Fr-Eakin Story, already.

You ALL can CHOOSE to ignore my OPINION ... and WISH Timmy Chang wasn't as BAD as he looks ...but much like believing in Santa Clause ... WISHING DON'T MAKE it SO !!


Here is my HIGHLIGHT Package of Chang/Williams Analysis ... go ahead, READ IT ... don't be SCARED to LEARN new things ...

Just as I was ABLE to look past Kevin Eakin's dreadful RESULTS in his LIMITED action last season - and IDENTIFY those SKILLS which I am LOOKING for in a QB - it is the SAME way I can IGNORE Timmy's SUPERB College Resume - and LOOK for those qualties I want in a QB.

I DON'T SEE them in Timmy Chang. Plain and simple.

As a fan who PAYS good $$$ to watch this Club ... I DON'T want to WASTE any more time on a PROJECT I don't deem VIABLE.

The FIRST thing a QB NEEDS is an ARM with which to throw the damn ball - Chang DOES NOT have it.

It is almost as if I was the ONLY one watching his balls FLOAT out of his hands. Not to mention his POOR Accuracy.

I don't NEED a season of watching this kid ... I just KNOW he DOES NOT have that "IT" required to play the QB position at a PRO Level.

You can MAIL this prediction to the Smithsonian, because like everything else there ... Chang is HISTORY

I have been to PRACTICES ... and Chang has NEVER showed ANYTHING Special to me ... certainly NOT anything that would lead me to believe that he SHOULD have started this past week-end OVER Ritchie.
MY contention is that VALUABLE time is being WASTED on Chang, at the EXPENSE of Ritchie Willliams.
If ANYTHING positive can come from this it will be that the COACHING staff get their WAKE UP call regarding this IMPOSTER they call Chang.

I just hope, after Chang throws a couple INT's, takes a few sacks and generally proves his INABILITY to play at this level ... they do not HESITATE to place Ritchie Williams in the game for the 2nd half.

Before Casey takes over the reigns, Williams DESERVES a chance to PROVE his worth as this team's TRUE BACKUP QB.

I tried sneaking a Santa Clause into my employment contract, but my boss's bloody lawyer caught it.

I see no point in acquiring Crouch. I'm still with Meanstreak in trying to bring back Eakin.