Proper pronunciation of player names

I was wondering if anyone knows the proper pronunciation of Marquay McDaniels' first name? Is it Mar kay, Mar kee, or Mar kway?

On a similar note, was anyone else embarrassed by stadium announcer Jamie Farr's mispronunciation of Ralph Sazio's name during his message about the recent passing of Shirley Friday? I hope it was an unintentional flub and that he actually does know how to pronounce Ralph's last name.

It's pronounced Mar-kway.

We didn't hear his gaff..........our ears were plugged because of the high decibels from Farr.

It's really getting annoying and our ears hurt after a while.

Thanks it's been bugging us too. It's said differently by everyone almost eery time it's said.

Reminds me of a funny story (well, I thought it was funny, anyway).

Many years ago, an Eastern European hockey player named Jan Ludvig was traded to Buffalo. He was interviewed on Buffalo TV, and the interviewer said to him at one point, "our fans will want to know the proper way to pronounce your last name. . . is it LudVig or LudWig?" He answered by saying "LudVig". The interviewer said "thank you", and the player then (deliberately with a grin on his face) said "you're Velcome".

Hehehe that's cute.

Couldn't agree more about the names but the cable guys were absolutely dreadful with some of their interpretations of the names. Simeon Rottier was called Simon Rot -e -ur and Drison James was constantly called Dris-on and don't get me started with Adam Tafralis being Adam Trafalis.

With all that said I wrote a post today and after posting it realized that I had written Jason Palardy's name incorrectly.

I seem to recall a great saying which is to err is human and to forgive divine but Sazio not that's a big one. lol

Tell me about it. I sit high up, and it feels like I'm at a night club. The music does not need to be that loud! I don't care about the announcer, but the music is killing me. I was an idiot for getting those seats. Oh well, better to be at the game than not.

Not to be an a**hole, but it's Justin, not Jason.

Indeed, it is Justin, to funny, I'll just go with punter it will be easier for me unless of course he ceases to be the punter than I would get too confused. Have to agree as well about the music we were in section 24 in row d and it was still very, loud and I like music loud but not so loud that I have to yell to talk to the person beside me in this case my son.

Well at the pre season game, I could have sworn that I heard the announcer say Deangelo(LO) not Deangelis. please forgive the spelling. Tequila

I too heard this. I guess the pre-season isn't just for players to get back into game shape.

So I did hear that correctly.

I also noticed that Drisan was mispronounced by the Cable 14 commentators. I expected them to make some mistakes but I did not expect that to be one of them.

Good to know. I've heard it pronounced "mar-KAY" a few times. So his name is not as similar to the name of that "talking margarine" named Parkay.

That's an old one.
I've seen the same joke on the Benny Hill show.

Along the lines of this thread, after growing up in the Hammer in the 80's and worshipping Ben Zambiasi, I now find myself living in Athens, GA, the town of his alma mater, the University of Georgia.

Whenever I bring up the name Ben Zam - BEE - ah - zee, I get immidiately corrected - You mean Ben ZAM - bee - zee.

Most older UGA Bulldogs fans know Zambiasi because he still holds tackling records. What they don't know is that after his rookie season in Hamilton being known as ZAM - bee - zee, the pronounciation of his name in the media became Zam - BEE - ah - zee. I don't know why Ben changed the pronounciation, but I have told this story to many a Bulldog fan.

According to Ben, after his first season in Hamilton, many members of Hamilton's Italian community told him that the proper pronunciation of his surname was "Zam-Be-Ah-Zee" so from then on it was changed.

8) Nothing like being told how to correctly pronounce your own name, eh, pope !!! :wink:

Ok that is hilarious. Reminds me of a time back when my brother's coached hockey and their assistant coach was talking to a parent about a kid and he said "Joey Thompson" and the woman said "Joel Thompson" and he said "Joey Thompson" again and after he left my brother said "You realize you just corrected that woman about her own son's name, right?" lol

Lets get back for a minute to Marquay McDaniel's first name: Mar Kay OR Mar Quay.

While some of you folks have agreed that Mar Quay is correct, It would be fun to get

some verification on that because I have a feeling it's "Mar Kay." as in Tequila (Te keela)
The "qu" in tequila is pronounced "k," not "qu".

We did get verifcation from Scott with the team.

While we're on the subject, can we get a ruling on Bradley's first name?? Jykine...

I've heard Ha-keen, Y-keen, Ja-Keen.

8) Sorry Spike, but it's Mar Quay.
 His girlfriend (at the time, and maybe still) sat right in front of me for 3 games last season, and she specifically told
 me that his name is pronounced  Mar  Quay  !!!

 If anyone should know, it should be her !!!     <!-- s:wink: -->:wink:<!-- s:wink: -->  <!-- s:lol: -->:lol:<!-- s:lol: -->