PROOF the Lions will win the Grey Cup!

According to the poll, 28% of fans agree that the Lions are going to win it all this year! And amazingly enough, that’s ahead of those ballot stuffers the Riders who have 21% of the votes.
So tell ya what, to save you all a lot of embarassment, why not just give us the Cup now? Then all of the other players could be saved the hassle and go back to their families or second jobs. Too bad that will create a really long offseason tho…

Yeah right, without Mallet you guys are in for a rough year.

No one had heard of Mallet before last season. Running backs seem to have the shortest shelf life in the CFL anyway, and are relatively easily replaced by someone else. . . if Jamel Robertson doesn't get the job done I'm sure Wally will find or already has found someone else to capably fill the spot. If the Lions struggle this season, I suspect it'll have a lot more to do with the offensive line and the defence than it will the running back.

We will see what happends i would like to think the lions will at least be in the grey cup but when Wally is coaching anything can happen one year he looks like the worst coach in the league and the next he looks like best of all time which he is.

i think the lions will be a 10-8, 11-7 team second or third spot.

Maybe Rider fans were too busy building arks and dodging tornados to vote.

I think you guys have been drinking too much of Turkeybend's home made Turkey hootch. Lions have way too many question marks. Defense is my biggest concern. The offensive line has to prove themselves. Who knows which Casey Printers is going to show up. Only thing solid on the Lions right now is our receivers. I would be happy just to make the playoffs. I don't think there will be a cross over this year. (Only Toronto looks awful in the East). Calgary and Edmonton look strong and will fight it out for first. Riders and Lions will fight it out for third. If we actually get to host a playoff game, then i will be totally surprised.

Mortgage the family home and place a bet in Vegas.

The Roughriders are losing a poll? ...I'm scared... :?

I tend to agree with much of what you say, Sportsmen, but i think the Stampeders might be in tough this season. Calgary lost 3 studs on the offensive line, and if their replacements are not as good, they'll struggle in the both the running and passing games.

I'm pretty sure it is a sign of the apocalypse. However, I think BlueBlood hit the nail on the head.

It's too early to make a Bold prediction,

but the Lions are definitely not in my top 3 to win!

Montreal, Hamilton, Saskatchewan are my top 3 choices this year..

Lions I think will either finish 3rd or 4th!

Hamilton, really? :lol:

i think the country would go nutz if the riders won the west in the regular season two years in a row. i dont think there is enough pilsner in Canada if they win the west and make the grey cup two years in a row.

hey, they have a pretty good team Chief!

I would even say they are better than the Eskimos!

I believe the Eskimos are not as good as everyone is making them out to be.. Although the Edmonton Media does that every season.

that would be incredible..

quite a few radio peeps now have stepped up and saod the riders are the team in the west this year.

that's a first.

we usually are told the Riders will finish 3rd, 4th!

"COUGH" Brian Hall...

I loved his predictions... hehehehe

he gave the Riders no chance the last two seasons.

Well of course BC will win.
I can prove it.

Calgary lossed half their team.
Edmonton can't win because teams who host the Grey Cup, never do (since 94 BC Lions!)
Saskatchewan can't win because they never win (I think they're due about in 2040 or so)
Toronto doesn't have a team
Montreal can't win because teams don't re-peat anymore.
Hamilton can't win because they haven't had two good seasons back to back in a long time
Winnipeg can't because they're cursed, the lovable losers of the CFL

So there!!
Can't wait for the season to come...

You lost me with "lossed". :wink:

You shouldn't gloat yet. Voting is still going on and the Lions are down to 23% and the Riders are at 22% now.