Proof that I'm a CFL FAN!/What I sleep with Part 2!

I grew that beard for Geo! :mrgreen: but I forgot to wear my luck BB hat!!! have to post a Pic of that later.

Like my Kangaroo Bling Bling?

LOL CIS T-Shirt that's awesome.

You can get one on the Hamilton Ti-cats site! That where I got mine.

Now he is gonna want to change the ball!

As long as we are comparing balls :lol:
notice what is beside the ball

Kanga break that flower pot right now...can't have any of that stuff on the mantle..
It belongs in the closet with your dirty undershorts..

NICE!!! I wouldn't chage the CFL ball for anything!!! it's a great combination of a Classic NFL one and a Rugby one!!!



  1. its mine not Kanga'
  2. it came filled with beer not flowers

I do have a Montreal Black and Blue Thrid Jersey, but only cuz it reminds me of an old VFL team.

and I have old logo Ti-cat stuff and Winnipeg Jets (I'm waering the "away" jersey right now :mrgreen:) stuff.

all and all, BB fan at heart.

I like my ball! :lol:

Oh sorry..thought I was looking at Kanga's Palace...
I suppose you don't want to break it't think so..

Nothing like a beer decanter with the Als logo on it!

Ro, I do like the boat on that Al's thing, reminds me of the 2002 QC winter olympics cannadate logo.

have you ever seen it?

I thought it was a flower pot...
Beer decanter does sound

edited (stupid post)

The boat is the Molson Logo(beer)

You know ro...I think I sailed that Molson logo boat, she was a rough night with gail force winds..
The Labatt BlueBoat is so more Pacific...calm relaxing and refreshing..

kanga are you sure you have never been to winnipeg before…you look so familiar…

Maybe his picture was on a milk carton!

I'll hopfully become a familar face there someday.


Mate, that REALLY isn't funny.

I hope you do come kanga and we can sip a bear or ten with pappa and tank at bomber game....

I'm looking forward to it, but I must warn you, I might get a little crazy! :mrgreen:

I'm surprised Geo hasn't said anything yet.