Proof of Vaccination for BMO Entry

Anyone know if you have to show proof of vaccination yet to get into an Argos game. We're all doubly vaccinated. Is there a form or something? Or do you just bring those ministry of health sheets that you got after each vaccine?

The proof of vaccination to get in takes effect on September 22 so not for tonight's game

MLSE to require proof of vaccination for all events, whether indoors or outdoors | CTV News

Masks will still be needed. Have an image of my 2nd dose receipt on my phone anyways but no one asked for it during the home opener

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If I'm not mistaken MLSE has stated a Sep 13th date for all their facilities including BMO which they run.

Less than 10k at the game yesterday and you'll see even less once this mandate is goes into affect.

Actually it will go in affect Sep 22nd not 13th

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Could there be more in attendance if people feel more comfortable going to a game? We went anyways but I can see some people waiting for the vaccine mandate to come in first.


People have completely lost their minds in this ordeal. I think people that are afraid won't really go anywhere regardless if they are fully vaccinated. People that aren't vaccinated are more or less fine to go out. If it's a sporting event or a casual night out for dinner etc.. I basically believe that in the end it is going to meam less fans in the stands because of a ridiculous mandate. I was at the Canada soccer game a week ago. They space out the seats in each row to keep distance between fans but you have people directly in front of you and behind you in those rows so again what's the purpose.

Back to my point though you will see less people at Argo games once the rule goes in affect. I for one am not vaccinated and I refuse to go to a game because of this rule. So they lost my money and support at the stadium.

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I don't want to dis another Argo fan, but there is absolutely no reason not to get vaccinated. Zero. No skin off your back. Would you wear a motorcycle helmet? Same difference. And bonus marks for helping society get to 90% on top of that.

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By the same token there's no reason to force shame or bully someone into getting the shot neither.

Totally agree. Proper information is important though so people aren't making a decision based on the craziness going on South of Us.

I'll agree with shame and bully ... but "force" is by weight of a law ... just like motorcycle/bike helmets, seat belts, speed limits, etc.

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I disagree, because you can take a helmet off when you're not using it but you can never unget the shot. That's a huge difference.

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They are all matters of public health/safety ... what need is there to "unget the shot"

By ungetting the shot do you mean that we may find out in the future that there is some unforeseen and significant harm from the vaccine.

Problem is, we all accepted that risk and got the vaccine anyway for the greater good.

Besides, if you waited until we all knew for 100% there was no future unforeseen side effect to the vaccine, you'd get the vaccine in 20 years which is a few years too late for helping yourself or others around you during this pandemic.

The vaccine is protection. A helmet is protection. Take advantage of both.

If I rebut this ... and I most certainly can ... it will be deleted for being political.

They accept the paper (aka fake) passports
QR codes are not required

I am double vaxxed but really if you can't sue the makers of the vax by now can anyone blame some for saying nyet .

This is absurd reality .

Take this but you have no recourse if it harms you is not a modern society thinking it's desperate attempt to not use our resources effectively in health care services .

Shit what did we do during a war tell the enemy to only shoot when our hospitals were available for services .

We didn't fight the fight at the level of risk or threat and the vax is great but not being vetted properly is a leap of faith I have taken by choice the way it should be .

Don't want to politicize this forum and I already have my answer to the Sept 10 game I went to which was the reason for my post in the first place.

But if we could tell the enemy in a war to stop shooting because our hospitals are full and we could make them shoot less, we would do it.

And that's being done by people getting vaccinated.

Again, not here to advocate bullying anyone. But I'd be happy if people could look past their concerns and get vaccinated like a lot of us already looked past our own concerns.

No probs we can debate the issues without any politics or anger .

Spoke to a delivery guy today who told me his friends teenage son dropped dead after the getting the vax a few days earlier .

I can't validate what he told me . He is not the only one who has told me first hand accounts which they attribute harm to the vax .

He had no reason to lie to me but having Pharma continue getting protection from the remedy of lawsuits is alarming to me .

I never really understood why this was allowed .

We don't do it for cancer treatments .

Again not a anti vaxer ; I got it as soon as I could but I am anti hysteria .( not pointing at you ) just in case you think that is what I mean .

Your analogy is not accurate.

If you equate the war enemy to the virus and you asked the virus to stop when our hospitals are full then you would expect the virus to stop spreading on its own somehow.

By vaccinating, you are not stopping the virus so much as you are removing your soldiers from the battlefield. Very different analogy and not one that would be all that effective in a war.

much greater chance of regretting not getting the vax than regretting getting it, health wise.

If I ever am negatively affected at any later date, I will still have no regrets. I did the smart thing. I went with the much favorable odds

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