Proof of Vaccination for BMO Entry

Anyone know if you have to show proof of vaccination yet to get into an Argos game. We're all doubly vaccinated. Is there a form or something? Or do you just bring those ministry of health sheets that you got after each vaccine?

The proof of vaccination to get in takes effect on September 22 so not for tonight's game

MLSE to require proof of vaccination for all events, whether indoors or outdoors | CTV News

Masks will still be needed. Have an image of my 2nd dose receipt on my phone anyways but no one asked for it during the home opener

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If I'm not mistaken MLSE has stated a Sep 13th date for all their facilities including BMO which they run.

Less than 10k at the game yesterday and you'll see even less once this mandate is goes into affect.

Actually it will go in affect Sep 22nd not 13th

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Could there be more in attendance if people feel more comfortable going to a game? We went anyways but I can see some people waiting for the vaccine mandate to come in first.

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People have completely lost their minds in this ordeal. I think people that are afraid won't really go anywhere regardless if they are fully vaccinated. People that aren't vaccinated are more or less fine to go out. If it's a sporting event or a casual night out for dinner etc.. I basically believe that in the end it is going to meam less fans in the stands because of a ridiculous mandate. I was at the Canada soccer game a week ago. They space out the seats in each row to keep distance between fans but you have people directly in front of you and behind you in those rows so again what's the purpose.

Back to my point though you will see less people at Argo games once the rule goes in affect. I for one am not vaccinated and I refuse to go to a game because of this rule. So they lost my money and support at the stadium.

I don't want to dis another Argo fan, but there is absolutely no reason not to get vaccinated. Zero. No skin off your back. Would you wear a motorcycle helmet? Same difference. And bonus marks for helping society get to 90% on top of that.

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By the same token there's no reason to force shame or bully someone into getting the shot neither.

Totally agree. Proper information is important though so people aren't making a decision based on the craziness going on South of Us.