Proof of lack of profesionalis by some of the media...

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Who in sports counts pre-season games win-loss records ? This is really unfair.

Only hack journalists who delight in dogpiling a team when it's struggling.

Not at all predictable

The team follows a path
That has led it to this unfortunate state
A path fully supported by many here

Then...when the inevitable happens
And the team is mired in failure
Those who supported that failed vision in the 1st place
Dump on reporters who are well within their rights to complain
About how the team is faring
And how it got here

Guilty conscience?
Or simply an inability to accept blame for one's mistakes?

Either way
Those of us who love this team
More than inflamed egos
Reserve the right to lament the state to which this team has descended
And hope that others understand the motivations
Behind criticism that hopes to inspire change

Hopefully...the Alouettes will win tonight
And once again a reprieve will be granted
To all concerned

Actually Senior. I have the same appreciation for the Als no matter what their record is. As long as it is well managed. If the Als become like Aubut's Nordiques or that expos when that loser was in charge... then I might have a change of heart. Right now I admire the hard work and the money that is put into this team every year, trying to make it the best it can be. That's all one can ask for in business and football is a business. Hard work and honesty.

Second: Its fair to say the team hasn't won a game since October, Its fair to say that the Als have not won in their last five games.

It is not fair game to count exibition games. All that is. Is sensationalism BS
It is not fair to say that this team is on a five or seven game losing streak. Teams don't carry records over from season to season. It simply is not the same team.

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Basing a win/loss records on pre-season/regular games a few seasons back…

Detroit Lions Pre-Season wins 4-0, Regular Season Wins 0 - 16.