Promotions Fired into the Stands

This has been a pet peeve of mine for quite some time. Ya it's really cool that they can fire a T-Shirt up into the top of the stands, but this practice is not safe at all.

Every time I see this happening, all I can think is great, what idiot is going to dive for a $5 item and land on top of somebody. Think this never happens, a few years back, one such idiot dove for one of those footballs and gave me a good knock and spilled my friends beer.

Now I was not hurt, but this past week when they start firing stuff I'm there with my 6 year old thinking, please don't let any thing come our way.

They don't let you bring anything that might be a projectile into the game, and then turn around and fire projectiles into the stands.

Can they not just pass out prizes from the aisles to kids, and save the cannon for some on field contest at half time.

Seriously, this needs to stop before someone is injured.


This is another case where the .01% of morons out there take something that should be fun and tranform it into something dangerous. I haven't seen such stupidity at a Cats game in years, but I've been at other events where some jackass dives across a row trying to get a $5 t-shirt.

Flying bodies in the stands can create a huge safety risk.

A shoving match at a concert in Edmonton a few years ago left one man paralyzed after another man in the row behind him was shoved and fell on top of him:

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they do this at every other stadium...
if you dont want to be near any drunks sit in the family section

Be it a shirt, a baseball, a puck, a football, a bat, a stick, you go to a sporting event something will find it’s way into the crowd and a good deal of the time someone will be stupid enough to dive over people to get it.

Its stupid and risky and most of all dangerous but it won’t stop happening.

Hey the Cats are winning now!!!!!

what if there is a mod Flanders scinario?

They should fire burritos into the stands.

I remember when they shot subs into the stands from the top level at Bulldog games.

You can use your imagination on what happened next. :cowboy:

they use to shoot out hot dogs at the cats games too. those were the best because most of the time they would fall apart before they actually made it to anyone.

Kittens, live kittens ya that'd be cool

Years ago I was at a regular season CFL game, Hamilton at Calgary. I was wearing my Cats home jersey and my seat was about 10 rows up behind the Ticat bench. At one point in the pre-game, they had the players throw mini-footballs into the stands. One of the Ticat players hit me right in the chest with one, but it bounced off because I was busy ogling the Calgary cheerleaders at that moment. :lol: That woke me up. :smiley: Football landed at my feet afterward... I don't think it had any Hamilton or CFL markings on it though, probably a sponsor. I think I still have it somewhere...

Obligatory WKRP quote:

lol ya and Pizza's