Promotional idea

incase we do bad again in tonight's game. Next game at Percival, Jeff Garcia gets the start. Since he's QB coach, the Alouettes invite a Brett Favre as guest QB coach for a week.

I think a better choice for guest coach would be Vince Ferragamo,because frankly this team hasn't looked this pathetic
since Vinnie was under center in the "81" season. The entire East division is an embarrassment and absolute joke this season,
it's become increasingly harder and harder to watch these teams in the Least fall over stumbling and bumbling over each
other finding new ways to lose game after game after game at this stage of the game the Al's might as well start Garcia at QB
if not perhaps trade his rights to Hamilton :oops: I mean let's face it,if you took the 6 current QB's listed on both teams and threw them in a blender,you might come out with perhaps one QB that might be able to start in a Pee-Wee League. It's
really sad and pathetic to think about but right now I can see the Al's,Cats and RB's struggling to have 10 wins combined
between them at the end of the season :oops: ,and to think one of them will get a home playoff game this season :thdn:
Maybe what all 3 should do as a promotional idea is have a "Guaranteed Lose" night,if the team somehow manages to win.....
you get to watch the rest of the season for free :cowboy:

A "guarantee to lose" and a loss gets you free tickets to a Canadiens hockey game. Hold this one for Olympic stadium and it will get packed to the rafters.

LOL!!!! Now that's a GUARANTEE !!!!!!! :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: