Promotion ideas for Argos

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Very cool idea.
like the Argos the Cosmos have no home stadium right now so they will bring the team to the people via travleing promotion van.
Cosmos have a TV deal with ONEWORLD Sports. The Argos have online Argos TV.
From the ArgosTV brodcast Bell has CTV2 in which could be looking for programming. Not the top of the Mountain but a start.
CFL is also top programing on TSN so having promo spots for the Argos would not be out of the question as well

Argos should promote the fact you are at a CFL game and it's like meeting up with family or friends that you have not seen...that you the fan are just as much apart of the teams victory....that they need to be loud and proud...that going to an Argo's Game IS NOT A SPECTATORS SPORT....Its a participation sport...If you go to a game to be quiet and not cheer that you will be asked to should invest....yes pay people to help create that crazy buzz that is so much part of going to a game out west...running up and down the isle signing like a nut...As a Blue Bomber Season Ticket holder I look forward each year to seeing some of the same old faces and yes some are nuts...good bomber games I have 30000 "buddies" that attend games with me...I might not know buddies name but we are still try to put a solid 20000 with that same attitude in a building you will have a good time...that is how you build a solid base and possibility of moving to new smaller stadium in a few years might really help that