Promo Idea Cats Should Steal... and Do It Better

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went to a bills game last year, all the tim hortons in the area so the same thing...obviously with red and blue sprinkles though

The Riders do it too, I've been told.

Given the history and popularity of Tim Horton's in Hamilton, I'm surprised that it hasn't been done there.

Ummmm..... lemon and licorice sprinkles? Count me out.

Actually, haven't bought donuts at Tim's for years now. Ever since they shrunk them and went to the frozen pre-baked product that they finish up in the store I think that the taste and texture have gone way down. The donuts we get in several of the grocery store bakeries around here in Cambridge (Zehr's) are like the ones Tim's used to serve.

You do know sprinkles are just coloured sugar pieces with no additional flavouring :roll:

I'm convinced the golden age of the Canadian donut finished sometime around 1992. :frowning:

Everytime I go back to Canada I find them inedible - whether from Tim Ho's, Country Style, or the supermarket. Of course, I could be spoiled by living in Italy... :smiley:

What about the fact that (at least for the past few years) all the Tims in the Hamilton area have the Ti-Cat's logo, home schedule and a $5 off coupon. I'd be willing to bet that happens only in The Hammer and I personally find that to be a lot more impressive than a few coloured sprinkles.

Now BOTH! THAT would rule!!!!! :rockin:

Well I'm rushing down to Jarvis St. to get some more tickets because I saw sprinkles on a donut :roll: :roll:
The schedule on the side of the cup that is a good idea. I would fire the Bomber marketing people if that is the best they could come up with

what are you talking about...
Its a great idea, anything that shows off the cfl and the different teams is good. And it says they only sell them on game days so if you go in and see them that means there playing, so if you didn't know the game was happening there is a good chance you might just go buy a ticket.

Additionally I’ll bet the Bombers had nothing to do with the idea. Its a good business promo for Timmy’s. Look at the free advertising they just got

both tims and the bombers get good advertising, its a win win.

Ummmm..... yeah, I do. (Except that you can get chocolate ones.) If you knew how I posted, you would know that I just saw a chance for some fun. But I WAS quite serious about the decline in decent donuts. :frowning:

Kitchener Timmy's do the same for the Rangers.

I agree about the quality of donuts and muffins decline since the change to frozen/reheated.

If the only person they had to appeal to was you then the exercise would be a failure... but can you imagine how many children would be wound up about a donut with their teams colours on it. It's a very good idea.

they taste good too :slight_smile:
I had one the other day.

Tiger-Cats... eat 'em baked

Maybe I’ll get one Saturday morning at the Tim’s close to my place and walk in with my TiCats jersey on and my new TiCat leather helmet, that should get a few looks. :slight_smile: Can’t wait to wear this helmet though, when the weather gets a bit cooler.

Oops! Apologies all. Hadn't seen this before linking to Blogskee's report in my post above.

8) You're sure right about that fact !!
 Otherwise, it is still a good promotion for the Cats and Horton's.