Promise me Dan...

…that you won’t suffer an aneurysm because of this read:

Oh geez… When will this madness end?

You swear it was a comedy skit .

Reading the article it says it harms them from growing into citizens of a liberal democracy .

It mentions privilege all signal words to the audience they wish to pander to the ones who feel that everybody must be the same like robots .

Oppression , exploitation , violence , marginalization and here’s a good one cultural
domination all this from dodging a rubber ball .

When will they form an opinion on breathing and walking I hear it’s not equal some use canes and some have oxygen . Just what I heard they should study it and let us know who gets more oxygen and what it really means .

So what’s wrong with Dodge Ball ?? Looks like a lotta fun to me !!! ;D ;D ;D



Too funny .

This is terrible just white privilege on white privilege . ;D

What kind of school has the rocker long haired kids as uncool . No one .

However I liked the fat kid get even with the skinny athletic kid with that rifle arm shot to the nuts .

aw hell, lets just banned anything competitive, including cards, chess, boardgames, all sports, employee of the month, elections…

Am at a loss for words but not at a loss for an emoticon or two. :-* ;D

Dodgeball is a great stress reliever tool. Perhaps large and medium corporations should be mandated by law to hold a 1/2 hour game daily between team Management and Team Labour. The winner each day to be awarded the “Bully Cup.”

Contrary to popular belief, I don’t get too wound up over these type of things. I’m usually too busy shaking my head and laughing.

They banned Kevin from this forum and I think we are worse off for it…I guess Kevin was too competitive !

I guess that’s what happens when you write a meme of Sully getting the forum software from a dumpster.

I’m sure Kevin’s still with us in spirit…

No , Kevin was just too annoying ! :stuck_out_tongue: ;D

We are all annoying…to some one… except me. I’m not annoying to anyone. Just ask them. Go ahead. Ask. You’ll see. I’m the most unannoying person there is. I could go on and on and on and on but I won’t. I will just conclude with one question… What is the difference between a duck ?

Kevin, the head of the Resistance!

If that’s the reason, you better be careful just mentioning it.

Nice to see everyone is still thinking of him. ;D

The forum is not the same without him. :frowning:

…fair enough, thought you’d get a SMH moment out of it…

It’s all cool ,Red. I appreciate you thinking of me…And I did have an aneurysm (fixed) two years ago. I’m taking it pretty easy down here in Nova Scotia. Can’t wait for the Schooners to start playing but I’m still a Bomber in my heart.

Who the hell are the Raptors ?