Projected Depth Chart ... Ham @ Wpg ... August 16th

Thought I'd get the ball rolling. As I'm assuming Thursday is a travel day for the team, we'll get the actual depth chart up sometime later today. (Thursday)

Here's what I would start if I was the coach ... (Sure hope they're reading this stuff otherwise I just feel silly typing!?!?)

On Defense

DE =Boudreaux. DT=Davis. DT=Bulcke. DE=Norwood
WILL LB=Lawrence. MIKE=Johnson. SAM=ISAAC
Boundary CB=Breaux. Boundary DB=McCullough. S=Stephen. Field DB=Hobbs. Field CB=Davis

On Offense

LT=Simmons. LG=Dyakowski. C=O'Neill. RG=Wojt. RT=Figueroa
WR=Jones & Giguere
SB=Fantuz & Grant & Ellingson

Hey Fender......what about Dee Webb ? also is Lawrence finally healthy enough to come off I.R. ? besides these two questions your line-up looks A-OK to me. :smiley: :rockin:

I gathered from listening to Austin's media scrum the last couple days, (Thanks to @Gerbear for alerting me to this btw), that Lawrence is finally healthy & is gonna play/start.

As far as Dee Webb goes ... I realize he is/was a emotional & motivating veteran 2 weeks ago in Edmonton. We all saw him getting the D jacked up and I'm not ignoring that aspect of his game. But I find him to be a liability in the secondary. The quick scoring drive the allowed EDM to get back in the game was on him. He too often looks for the knock-out hit. He doesn't wrap up. He lowers his head too early. I know he's an emotionally charged player but I find him sloppy and unsound technically.

I'm assuming McCullough is healthy so he plays short-side/boundary half with Breaux on the Corner. On the Field/Wide side, I think they pair up Davis & Hobbs & see what they can do in tandem.

As a guess I think they will have the DL and the offence as FenderGuy69 would choose with perhaps Jones the fifth receiver more often than Ellingson. But there are some interesting other possibilities: e.g. Stala the 5th receiver, Jones a DI and then Walker could start with Gable in the backfield.

For the rest of the defence, I think they will leave Hobbs at the field corner and Webb in at DB with Davis as a DI extra back so that there is only one change with McCullough coming in. Also no change at starting LB from last game with Bussey and Murray staying in as linebackers (and Isaac as a DI).

I'm not opposed to those changes/alignments in any way.

I find it fascinating, and more importantly, how difficult it is coming up with not only the 46, but the 42 & then the starting lineup! Thank goodness only my online persona/job is at stake and not my ACTUAL job! (Who's kidding who ... I'm retired!)

And if it's hard for you, it's harder for the rest of us.

If we just think about the LBs, you are probably right from Austin's media scrum that Lawrence starts. Anyway they have Lawrence, Bussey, Greene, Johnson, Murray and Isaac for 3 starting positions. If as you suggest they start Lawrence, Johnson and Isaac, then maybe Bussey is one DI and possibly Murray could be DI too, also serving as an extra DB (and one of Webb or Davis sitting).

And if they have Walker as their offensive DI that means that Gant, who had a couple of promising games, doesn't play and they don't get a look at Jackson.

Anyway they do it, they'll be sitting some talented players.

It's a good sign.

This is exactly the reason I started the "increasing game day from 42-46" thread,it would definetly reduce roster deciding headaches for not only the coaches......but us as well....the fans :wink:

The chart is now available to view.
Changes from last game :
Activated from Injured -- Fantuz, Diedrick, Lawrence
Activated from PR -Mutobola
The four off the 46 -- Husband (to Injured), Collins and Bucknor (both to PR), and Hinds (released this week)

Lawrence will start at LB ahead of Bussey, and Brown starts on the corner where Hobbs was. Walker is listed as the Kick Returner for this game and Jones remains the Punt returner.

So much for McCullough and Isaac being back. Spec is brutal.

Yup!!Yer certainly right with that statement(spec is brutal) Thursday's sport section page 2...TiCat Notebook..Headline reads......Fantuz gets green light to play Esks usual the Spec is one game behind the times. :roll: :roll: :lol: BRUTAL!!!! :lol:

What about Sticky #88 :?

According to Drew....#88 aka "STICKY" Stala will be a healthy scratch. :x :thdn: :cry:

Not a good sign at all for sticky , I hope age, injuries and time are not catching up on him because we all know to well what happens to veterans on the Ti cats Start your career in the Hammer and end it here. :cowboy:

Right, because the rest of the teams in the league treat aging veterans differently ?

Three imports and one non-import have to sit this week. I’ll go with OT Dile, DT Marshall and either LB Greene or Bussey for the imports and if FB Diedrick is healthy enough to play, then they will probaby sit either Stala or Charbonneau-Campeau at the non-import spot. Still don’t like the idea of having only one back-up O-lineman dressed (Filer). If two guys go down with injury, then you’ve got a major problem.

Agree with you and wonder who'd join the O-line following a second injury. They must have some confidence in somebody's versatility since they've only dressed two O-line backups once (last game) in the past 24 games -- all of last season and this year's six, which is as far back as I checked.

Agree with last two posts. I was going to say also that it was a vote of faith in Filer, and it is. But I checked and I saw Filer was the only back-up on OL the last four games last season so it isn't new. Does anyone know who the emergency back-up would be? Hazime?

I guess needing a second back-up doesn't happen very often but it did happen in the second Sask game, when if I remember correctly, Dile went down, then Hage went down and Dile went back in. A few years ago I remember DL Matt Kirk going in at OG in a similar situation. Despite clear effort on his part it wasn't pretty.

I wonder if Delahunt could play line in a pinch?
Only 243 lbs but used to blocking at least.