Projected active roster-46 players-

The 46 players on active roster should consist of 25 imports and 21 non-imports.

The 25 imports should/will be:
3 QBs-Anthony Calvillo,Adrian McPherson and Josh Neiswander.
5 WRs-Brian Bratton,S.J. Green,Felton Huggins,Brandon London and Jamel Richardson.
2 RBs- Brandon Whitaker and Garrett Wolfe.
1 WR- Trent Guy.
5 DL- Aaron Hunt,Duke Lemmens,Mike Lockley,Michael Montgomery and Marques Murrell.
3 LBs- Chip Cox,Rod Davis and Kenny Ingram.
6 DBs-Dwight Anderson,Jerald Brown,Kyries Hebert,Wopamo Osaisai,Billy Parker and Seth Williams.

At least John Bowman and Bear Woods will be on 1 game injury list.

The 21 non-imports should/will be:
7 OL- Ryan Bomben,Josh Bourke,Luc Brodeur-Jourdain,Scott Flory,Kristian Matte, Jeff Parrett and Andrew Woodruff.
1 WR- Eric Deslauriers. 2 if Jim Popp trades for 1 more or 1 is claimed off waivers.
1 K- Sean Whyte.
3 RBs/FBs- Martin Bédard-also long snapper-,Dahrran Diedrick and Patrick Lavoie.
2 DL- J.P. Bekasiak and Luc Mullinder.
4 LBs- Marc-Olivier Brouillette,Curtis Dublanko,Shea Emry and Brian Ridgeway.
3 DBs-Michael Carter,Blaine Ruttan and Daryl Townsend. 2 if a second WR is added

If accordingly, 18 or 39.1% new players that were not on Als last active roster in 2011.


At least Chima Ihekwoaba will be on 1 game injury list.

So your anticipating Aaron Hunt to be cut...

Richard has Hunt making the roster...

I did read-Journal MTL- that Luc Mullinder was injured; assuming that he has to be placed on the 1 game injury list, I say that Bo Adebayo will become the second non-import DL on active roster.

In my scenario-46 active players- I have 25 imports and 21 non-imports; another scenario could be: 26 imports and 20 non-imports. If so:

In: Import DT Ventrell Jenkins

Out: Non-import OL Kristian Matte or non-import DB Blaine Ruttan.


According to your projections, then, what's our starting LB corps (import and non-import)? I'm assuming:

SAM - Cox (Hebert backup)
MIKE - Emry platooning with Brouillette
WILL - Davis (Dublanko backup)
JACK - Ingram (Ridgeway backup)

To me, the starters on a 4-3 defense are :Cox,Emry and Davis; on a 3-4 it would be: Cox,Emry,Davis and Ingram.

What I do like on this team is the flexibility. Players such as Ingram and Locke will be excellent special team players and give us depth,in case of injuries during a game. Ingram,despite his size,can play safety; Lockle can be a LB,replacing Cox,or a DE. Montgomery has been both a DT and a DE in the NFL. Cox can replace Hebert. Brouillette can replace Emry.

We could even dress only 4 import DL,thus dressing a Garrett Wolfe or an additional DB.

Unless we have serious injuries,we will have a great team,not only on offense but also on defence. We will have players that I always felt that we missed/did not have,i.e. taller,heavier players and also good; the Hebert,Davis,Ingram,Lockley will all be these players,so I hope.


I like the flexibility too, which is why I think we'll have better depth if and when injuries strike. If the D-line can generate positive results until Bowman is healthy, we'll be fine.

Major issue for me right now is special teams. We have to at least break even on ST if we want to have a winning record this year.

As is so often the issue
It remains to be seen if our 3-4 (assuming we use it often) will hurt us against the run

I like what looks like an increase in agressiveness on defence
And a "take it to 'em" attitude
Which I hope will replace our passive "prevent" d of the last few years
Which prevented nothing but victories
And allowed teams too often to get back into games
We should have won 'hands down'

There seems to be a culture of "attaque en meute"
Harkens back to better days when the Alouettes were known for "gang tackleing"
And our defence inspired fear in the hearts of the opposition
that can only be a good thing IMHO

As to ST
We need someone who knows what they're doing
Bischoff must be down to his "last life"

I HATE prevent defenses, especially ours, because instead of taking away the deep ball and allowing the underneath game, we gave up the deep ball and the underneath passes and the intermediate game and the running game. In short, our prevent defense wasn't even good at what prevent defenses are supposed to be good at.

Harkens back to better days when the Alouettes were known for "gang tackleing" And our defence inspired fear in the hearts of the opposition
I was watching games of ours from the 2009 season. Boy did we have a ferocious defense that year. Obviously the offense got accolades, and rightfully so, but that D was fierce. Strong up and down each position and everyone swarmed to the football like wolves.