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Following up on another thread re NCAA players, and how amateur or professional they are, I think a fascinating study would be a followup on the careers of topflight players after they graduate.

It would be fascinating, and enlightening, if someone were to track the future of say, the 44 players who were starters in the Ohio State- Florida game last night. How many go on to Pro ball, how many have real careers, and how many just disappear having reached the only pinnacle they will ever climb?

I suggest, and it's only my opinion, that no more than 6 will ever play in the NFL, (and these are the BEST teams), maybe 8 or 10 will have a real career in their field of study, (not including Sales Reps where your name, and name alone, is your credential),
and how many just fall through the cracks of life.

I don't mean to demean any individual here. I just think it is a measure of the benefits of college ball to see what the end result is of young men being exposed to this opportunity for higher education.

Maybe such surveys have already been taken in the past. If so, I would like to know the results.
Any thoughts ?

Interesting document with some stats:

"Fifty-five (85.9) of the 64 Division I-A football teams playing in this year’s college football bowl games graduated more than 50 percent of their student-athletes and 40 schools (62.5 percent) received a score of 925 or more on the NCAA’s Academic Progress Rate (APR) reported on February 27, 2006. The gap between the graduation rates of white and African-American student-athletes remains a concern. These findings were reported in a study released today by The Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sport at the University of Central Florida."

[url=] ... R%2006.pdf[/url]

Something else:

"Only 5 percent of college athletes go on to play sports professionally, the other 95 percent are forced to build careers when they often have little hands on experience to offer employers"

Interesting, an organization called Life After Sports:

Florida State University To Phase Out Academic Operations By 2010
September 14, 2006 | | Onion Sports

SARASOTA, FL—Bowing to pressure from alumni, students, and a majority of teaching professors of Florida State University, athletic director Dave Hart Jr. announced yesterday that FSU would completely phase out all academic operations by the end of the 2010 school year in order to make athletics the school's No. 1 priority. "It's been clear for a while that Florida State's mission is to provide the young men and women enrolled here with a world-class football program, and this is the best way to cut the fat and really focus on making us No. 1 every year," Hart said. "While it's certainly possible for an academic subsidiary to bring a certain amount of prestige to an athletic program, the national polls have made it that our non-athletic operations have become a major distraction." FSU's restructuring program will begin with the elimination of the College of Arts and Sciences, effective October 15.

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