Prohibited items list updated

I find it funny that flag poles are now allowed into the stadium, but only if they are under 4 feet. Obviously flag poles are not considered weapons or they would still be banned entirely.

So I'd like to ask the team why they made this change? Why are flag poles allowed, just with height requirements now?

p.s. Balloons are prohibited?

Where would I go to see this list?

From the Sticky section in the Forum area. I have copied it below

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats would like to remind fans that the following items are prohibited from Ivor Wynne Stadium on game days:

• Alcoholic Beverages
• Animals other than service animals
• Any item that can be used as a projectile
• Balloons
• Beach Balls
• Bottles
• Cans
• Flag poles over 4 feet
• Fireworks
• Outside food and beverages
• Illegal drugs
• Laser lights
• Umbrellas other than personal size travel umbrellas
• Electronic/aerosol and other noise makers
• Strollers
• Weapons


Prohibited items will not be stored at the gates. They must be returned to vehicles or thrown away. There is no stadium re-entry. If you leave the stadium you will not be permitted to re-enter.

Please note the following policies at Ivor Wynne Stadium:

Banners can be no larger than 3’ x 8’ if they are being hung and 3’ x 3’ if they are held by hand. They can be hung only by rope or string and cannot obstruct the view of other fans or any permanent Ivor Wynne signs, team signs, sponsor signs or banners. Banners must be related to the game and may not be derogatory, profane or commercial. The Hamilton Tiger–Cats and Ivor Wynne Stadium management reserve the right to remove banners which they deem inappropriate.

Use umbrellas in a courteous manners as to not block someone’s view, injure anyone or allow water from the umbrella to run onto another person.

All bags are subject to inspection by security.

I was upset with the previous ruling, No Flag Poles. I have one yellow and one black flag purchased from the Roar Store. I was feeling ripped off after spending all that money and not being able to wave it (them) at a game.
I have always been careful not to obstruct anyone's view and unfold them only after a TiCat score. Never had a complaint.
Glad to see I can take them back into the stadium. Otherwise they should have made them waterproof so they would have a use to purchase them.(expensive rain capes)

Hate the flip flop on umbrellas.

Umbrellas are a pain - what sane person can claim that a 3 or 4 foot diameter piece of cloth held directly over your head for three hours won't obstruct the view of the people behind you.

And your advice - which often ranges from "Go f yourself" to "Go sit somewhere else" doesn't really help much.

Umbrella afficienados, skies are overcast today, go buy a flipping raincoat.

Do the Ticats sell raincoats? If they don't, they should. It would be awfully easy to slap a Ticat logo on a common yellow raincoat.

Pretty sure they still sell the yellow ponchos with the logo on the back.

I bought a bunch of throw away ponchos at a dollar store. Good for the number of actual rain games we get. Use them and if you don't feel like trying to get them back in the little pouch, just toss them. Good in the glove compartment and tackle box as well.

And section8, you are right, umbrellas have always been a pain!

I sit at the very top with no1 behind me :slight_smile:

who cares about a flag pole?

There's an idea then - a special section for the umbrella addicts, one row deep, ringing the entire stadium. As long as they tilt the thing backwards so the slop runs down their own backs , it just might work. :slight_smile:

My flag pole is from my baseball days. It's my Louisville Slugger bat.
I presume that if I attach a flag to it, it becomes a flag pole.

Security seemed non-existant when I arrived. Allergic to water perhaps?

The ticket-takers seemed to be working all alone at the west gate around 3:40.