Progress report, What is our off season to-do list!

8) Exactly BJ. Overall team speed is a definite priority !!!
  Not only did we have too many guys caught from behind this year, we also could not catch or keep up with many players from other teams.  

  Prime example was the last game  !!!   We were burned on several occassions  !!!!!

Off season 'to do list"

  1. Scrap the O and D lines and rebuild them.

  2. Use draft choices intelligently to bolster weak areas. I wont comment on the Cats record at the draft table lately.

  3. Find at least two good NI receivers...Prechae cant do it alone. While we are on the subject, hire a good receiver coach to teach Prechae the ins and out of playing receiver. He is a huge talent that needs a bit of polishing.

  4. Decide and commit to a starting QB....Porter is young and will make mistakes, don't bench him if he has a tough game or two.

  5. Let Jesse go....he doesn't want to be here and his injuries are a huge distraction. I don't think that there are too many teams who would be unhappy going into next year with Caulley, Smith and Keith as RB. speaking of distractions, if Casey cant win the starting job clearly, cut him loose.

  6. On the subject of Keith, give him training camp and a couple of games, if he can't produce hand him his pink slip.

  7. With the exception of Knowlton and Thompson, rebuild the defense.

  8. Bauman?...see comment 3. Woodcock, call it a one year career, Pats luck ran out after the 2002 Grey Cup Game. Ditto for Cohen and Miles....jury's out on Mitchell

I don't think you've been watching the games, Als, cause Bauman is certainly anything but a flop. If anything the thing holding him back is that he doesn't get enough playing time. more reps and he'd be a solid NI receiver.

As for the D: I laugh at the assertion that Thompson is our only good defensive back. If anything, Jykine Bradley is our best DB but doesn't get the recognition cause he doesn't have the same int numbers as Thompson. However, he rarely ever gets beat -- his kind of reliability is hard to find.

Actually, I havent missed one play this year...not one. 4 games in person at IWS, two Als vs. Cats games in Mtl the rest on PVR.

Read my post again...what I meant to say is that Bauman is a big talent who needs to be taught. Along with Prechae, he needs polishing. In Baumans case, it's a big jump from the CIS to the pros. Never said he was a flop.

As far as secondary goes, well somebody is getting beat out there. The Cats were last in most of the important passing categories.

33 points a game in 2008. Don't see too many bright spots.

Teams tend to pick on Gordon/Tisdale and that side is where they get most of their receptions. Also, the defensive scheme this year has been garbage -- and that's putting it lightly -- along with the defensive line. The zone coverages this year have been terrible and used pretty ineffectively: i.e. not in blitz situations. Of course the secondary is going to give up the pass when there's no pressure on the QB and we're running zone all night long.

The unfortunate thing about our secondary is half of it is all-star quality while the other half is probably one of the weakest in the CFL. Hopefully Obie can address this in the off season by acquiring one or two decent D-Linemen and a few DBs.

With all due respect to my colleagues, I am not sure we are that deficient in speed. If we were, we wouldn't be making the tackles from behind, the opposing WR and RB would be running away from us. Since we are catching them from behind (Bradley on Dressler) must be some speed.

I believe it is a matter of Ticats tackling from behind - if we had our D systems and schemes down we would be meeting the RB right in the hole at the line o scrimmage or behind, and QBs wouldn't be throwing as much as the WR and SB would be covered, therefore = more sacks. Or we would be hitting the WR and SB ASAP they touched the ball = no catches = no YAC.