Progress report, What is our off season to-do list!

No doubt the team has filled some holes this season, and the future definetly looks brighter.

The big improvements/solid areas are

We are all set, and can compete with the best in the league
Tre Smith
Terry Caulley
Kenton Keith
Maybe Jessie

As I tend to repeat, I like this group moving forward.
The secondary needs some minor tinkering.
It would be nice to replace Gordon, but the coaches seem to believe in him.
We could probably bring in some competition at safety, or try Dylan Barker there next season.

For sure the quantity is there.
But between Porter, Printers, Williams, and Adam Tafralis I am sure that the team can field 3 capable QBs every week.


Young and talented.
I am not sure that a TRUE #1 exists with this group, but they are at least a solid group that you can build around.

Now on to the NEW and improved trouble spots
Blow up the defensive line. It is that simply. Obie just did not bring in the required talent to upgrade the already poor defensive line.
Lets hope he has some bodies or draft picks to trade for bodies on his radar.
The other option is trading Printers or Kenton Keith for some D-Line help.

The quality is just not there.
It hurt losing Gagne-Marcoux so early in the season.
There is a need for 2 American offensive starting tackles. VERY IMPORTANT!!
Gerald Davis is young (22) and maybe he is the answer on the right side, but competition needs to be brought in to camp to fight for these important spots.
The Non-Import depth seems to be there, but can they play as a regular every day CFL O-Lineman is the question.
Hudson will be 32 next season and he has had an injury filled couple of seasons.
Hage is always nominated as our best Canadian he that good, or the best of a below average bunch??
This seems like the toughest group to assess.
A lot of talk to pick 2 Non-Import O-Lineman with our top two picks. Are they any better than the high picks we already have??


Knowton plays hard and is fine.
We need a big upgrade at our two other spots, and this is one area where the team is actually A LOT worse off than they were last year.
That guy from the middle is gone (Whatever his name is. Mentioned in 97 other threads) and no Armour...ouch!!

My perfect off season would amount to:

  1. Trade Keith and Printers for some Import talent on the O-Line and D-Line or linebacker.
  2. Re-sign Lumsden and Setta
  3. Trade one of our 1st picks for an O-Line or D-Line import starter.
  4. Find 2 gems for Offensive and Defensive co ordinators
  5. Sign a #1 go to WR

If Obie can accomplish this I will be buying tickets for a home playoff they actually sell these, it has been a while :smiley:

What would your pefect off season amount to?

Why so quick to get rid of Printers and Keith? They are each a veteran presence, something the Cats need. And quality players at that. I also think that a big change at LB would be a mistake. The guys were good and with an effective D-line they may be even better. They have a year playing together and in the system. A few guys in camp to push them but the core guys are good.

I have to agree with you about the lines. I was worried about the O-line coming into the season this year virtually unchanged after a poor 2007. I had no clue however that the D-line would be such a concern.

I trust Obie and look foreward to camp.

Because of our depth, we can trade a QB (probably Williams or Printers) and a RB (probably Caulley) for other assets.

RB- We're set

QB- We're set

Receiver- I say we need to add one experienced #1clutch guy there next year via free agency or trade

O-Line: use both first round draft picks to get the two best guys who can start right away; or add talent there via free agency or trade

Secondary- We're set

LB- Good, but keep bringing in new talent to push them

DL- #1 priority for Obie; If McKay and Kashama are invisible in camp next year, definitely cut them. add as much talent here as possible via free agency or trade

K- We're set, as long as Setta doesn't try the NFL

KR- Obie must find the next Tristan Jackson

Assistant Coaches: they should all be replaced, in my opinion. And I think they will be.

Well done blackandgld!Many excellent points. :smiley:
Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7)

Yes I agree, good points all around.

Aside from improving the offensive and defensive lines (which I think we can all agree is the top priority) I would like to see the team add some speed at one of the wide receiver spots. I know Tony Miles was supposed to be that guy, but it's become pretty apparent that he cannot stay healthy for a full season. Maybe we already have that outside speed in Chris Davis even though the team has used him the slot so far.

So I'd like to see our starting receivers as:

WR - Prechae Rodriguez
SB - Chris Bauman
SB - Earnest Jackson
SB - Scott Mitchell / Tony Miles*
WR - Import Burner / Chris Davis

    • 5th receiver

I love the size of Prechae, Bauman, and Jackson, I'd just like to have a versatile weapon that can blow buy a defensive back or slip a tackle and take it to the house. That 15 yard square-in pattern that can be so deadly when a quarterback is given adequate protection.

A boy can dream can't he?

  • paul

Ya they sell them. and people buy them!!

"That 15 yard square-in pattern that can be so deadly when a quarterback is given adequate protection."
See the replay (4th quarter) of Chris Davis TD. That is the 15 yarder u r talking about.

We got our man already, methinks....

:thup: :thup: :thup:

A MIDDLE LINE-BACKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I agree with much that has been posted here..........

The two lines, the D-line in particular, need upgrading first.

LB corps is next. Sad to think how good it could have been with Moreno sandwiched between Knowlton and Armour, but no point in crying over spilt milk. I think at least a stud MLB is needed, Anthony does not seem to me to be getting the job done. Winnipeg now has a glut, with Zeke, Lobendahn, and Simpson, so maybe something can be worked out there........

Draft the two top offensive linemen in the draft, don't trade your picks. Charlie Thomas is much improved at left tackle, now all we need is a right tackle, maybe Obie can find one or we can get one via trade for Printers or NML. For the linebackers, move Cameron Siskowic outside, and bring in a proven MLB, they have to get rid of atleast one of them in Winnipeg. Sign a proven CFL rush end, I'm pretty sure Gavin Walls is a free agent. The receiving core is good, they just need some time to mature, they are very talented. As for the DB's, they are a solid group and they just need some help in the front 7. QB, have an open competition in camp, and invite Printers, the only way he shouldn't be in camp is if a great deal is offered for him. At RB, it's time to say goodbye to Jesse, he is to much of a hassle on the salary cap and in the fans hearts. KK, Terry Caulley and Tre Smith are all proven backs, and can get the job done. With a little bit of tweaking and luck we will be a competitor again.

Defensive co-ordinator
Defensive pass rush

Offensive scheme that prtotects the QB.

When I look at Bauman, I kinda see a bit of Jason Clermont. I think you have some big tough receivers and theres a good possibility that one of them will, having had a year to learn and develop, step up to be that posession guy. Mitchell needs to work on consistency, but Bauman, Jackson or Davis could be the guy. Podriguez is the obvious big play guy/deep threat. Woodcock has speed to burn and IMO was under-utilized in Edmonton, and after a strong start got pushed aside this year in Hamilton too.

Gagne-Marcoux was a big loss at guard this year. Imports have been tried, but 3 imports on the o-line is asking a lot from your other Canadians. At tackle, if you're gonna play an import, he's gotta be REALLY GOOD. Not really the case yet for the Cats. I think Bekasiak is a huge athletic talent wasting away on your PR/reserve. Since he was on the D-line, I think he would probably have the foot speed to play tackle instead of guard. If not, then he would be one that could be a tradeable talent.

D-line, the definite keeper is Adams. Patrick has been ok, despite being shuffled all over the place. One of the Canadians - Reid, McKay, Kania or Kashama - has to step up and be a starter. Lancaster JUST arrived at the end of the season. I'm excited about what he could be with a full camp under his belt.

Here are some comparative Ticat offensive and defensive team stats from 2007 and 2008 as per

Ticat Offence (2007/2008)
Average Points Per Game: 15.9(8th)/22.7(6th)
Average Yards Offence Per Game: 311.4(7th)/356.7(7th)
Average Rushing Yards Per Game: 121.1(2nd)140.7 (1st)
Average Passing Yards Per Game: 213.4(8th)/248.6(8th)
Time of Possession: 28:44(8th)/28:58(7th)

-the offence averaged approximately one touchdown more per game this year

-the rushing game improved slightly this year (primarily with Lumsden, Caulley or Smith in the lineup)

-the passing game improved slightly but is still ranked last in the league

Ticat Defence (2007/2008)
Average Points Allowed Per Game: 25.6(7th)/29.8(7th)
Average Yards Offence Allowed Per Game: 394(8th)/440(8th)
Average Rushing Yards Allowed Per Game: 107.4(5th)/126.7 (7th)
Average Passing Yards Allowed Per Game: 305.4(8th)/325.3(8th)
Interceptions: 13(Tied 6th)/23(2nd)
Quarterback Sacks: 32(8th)/26(8th)


-the defence actually declined statistically in comparison with the defence last year in all areas except the one noted below

-despite less quarterback pressure this year, the defensive secondary (particularly due to Chris Thompson) is near the top of the league in interceptions


The offence needs substantial improvements to its passing game.

The defence needs substantial improvements to its rushing defence and its passing defence.
The defensive front seven needs more improvement than the defensive secondary.

and then you need to figure out who is going to be the kicker, that's a big part of the CFL game.

The kicking game has obviously been the strong suit of the Ticats for the past two seasons. Re-signing Nick Setta is the top priority.

If Setta chooses to sign in the NFL, a Canadian kicker named Rob Maver might be "Plan B". He just completed his third year with Guelph of the CIS. Here are his 2008 stats:

Punting- 67/3090, 46.12 yard average
Field Goals- 18/23, 78.26% accuracy rate, longest kick 42 yards
Kickoffs- 35/1931, 55.17 yard average

This article indicates that he had informal workouts with the Ticats some time ago:

If Setta leaves,
how about Warren Kean of Dundas, 2nd overall in 2007.

He has floated around the league a bit.

He was given a look during the season. He kicked well...
until the day all the coaches and Obie were watching.

I believe he was here visiting his parents for about a week.

I agree with every point made in Ron's original post on this thread with one exception. Jesse Lumsden has got to go.

Prefontaine is a free agent this year. Edmonton doesn't sound TOO worried about re-signing him after the solid play of Schiavone in his first game on Friday. Of course we won't be doing anything about that til after the playoffs...

oh right.... sorry....


Improve team speed. Too many guys caught from behind this year.