Program booklet misprints

A man behind me at the game was reading the program out loud and said to his friend “Hey Maas is 36 years old”.

Upon further inspection it seems that all of the Tigercat player birthday’s in the “Lulu” mini-program were off by 5 years. Every player is listed as 5 years older then they actually are. The Agro ages seem correct.

Hopefully this will be fixed for the next game.

p.s. We all joked that maybe this is the real ages of everyone and the secret is out.

Interesting observation.

The guy that sits beside me said me had the youngest team in the CFL. So we counted 13 players on the Argos team that were born in the 1980s and only 3 on the Ticats that were born in the 1980s. We both thought that was strange but we did not look at the birthdates to compare to the actual players.

Maybe that was an omen, all the ticats were going to be slower because they thought they were all older than the argos.

Suggestion. Before introducing the players, can they announce the lineup changes? They used to do this all the time before...

The Argos average age is raised considerably by their 58 year old third string quaterback.

  • paul

Has there been so much bitching about everything else this season that we have come to bitching about a misprint in the damn program? This forum is going from a once proud group to a group of whiny old ladies at a Bridge Club. Let's talk football people, not any of this nit-picking crap anymore!