Prognosis good for Manley following brain surgery

Dexter Manley, the former All-Pro defensive end for the Washington Redskins, underwent 10½ hours of brain surgery Wednesday and, as expected, is experiencing minor, isolated memory loss.

According to his wife, Lydia, Manley was hospitalized June 16 after police found him "disoriented" in northeast Washington. She said a CT scan showed an enlarged colloid cyst that was collecting fluid and causing increased intracranial pressure. Doctors recommended surgery, and Manley, 48, is now resting in the intensive care unit at Georgetown University Hospital.

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Luckily, after the surgery he is still Hooked on Phonics

thats tasteless pal!!!!

thats tasteless pal!!!!

Oddly enough most people in Canada had forgotten about Dexter Manley. The common thread with Canada being powdery white stuff that occupies the Great White North on an annual basis.

Dexter Manley was a nice guy, who would have fit in well with the argos of today.

All of us who have required surgery from time time wish him well.

Play Safe!

Hopefully this does not come across as tasteless, but I am curious if he will remember much about his CFL years - like when he crapped out of the '93 Eastern semi on what certainly seemed to be an embellished arm injury.

He could get a refresher course on his CFL self by reading “Educating Dexter.”

Play Safe!