Profit only 1.7 million.....really?

I am not sure what kind of creative accounting was done, or if all the greycup gear will be on next years statement, but i can't believe that the riders only made 1.7 million profit. We sold out a ton of games and sold a ton of gear, revenue was up $7 million from last year! If the team would have sucked, would have the riders gone millions in debt?

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Expenses were also reportedly up, although I have no idea what the numbers would be.

Keep in mind that last year the team broke even with 15 million in revenue. So realistically, having a $1.7 million profit on an extra $7 million in income is pretty good considering the playoffs alone increased expenses by close to $2 million.

Exactly right BigU, and do not forget that breaking even the year before was only possible because of the windfall profit made off the Rolling Stones concert which involved almost no expenses for the team.

Had the concert not happened the team would have had a big loss in 2006.