Professional Presentation?

I am not sure what is worse...the Lions current on field performance or their game event presentation...

  • Same old tired after game...year after year

  • Annoying announcer...overused sound fx

  • Half time shows???

  • Silly on field promotions

  • Lack of in seat vendors

  • Huge consession / beer line-ups

  • Non security

It is a predictable that is AMATEUR if not insulting. Compare the package to that of other
professional organization (Canucks, Seahawks, Mariners) is embarassing. If the organziation wants to grow and build...they must present quality for the dollar. If not, the image of the club and the CFL will remain as is.

They ran out of beer at 1/2-time in L4. I can't remember ever being at a Lions game where they shut down the beer sales at the end of the 3rd quarter. Because they run out every single game.

That's weak. Especially considering that they were calling for 40K in attendance. There were 7K less than expected/hoped, and they still ran out of beer.

I felt bad for the people working behind the counter, because it's not their fault, but they end up taking the abuse from fans.

I do not think you should be talking about a stupid thing like that at a time of morn, for the only person whao has saved this francise, and all you can think about is the presentations at half time on friday night?

Give your head a shake.

Probebly not a lions fan anywase.

get lost.

Half of what your complaining about isnt even in there control. Yah Im tired of watching a mostly dominating team for the last several years. Sounds like you would rather go watch the hype in seattle. You go to every hockey arena in Canada and each league has the EXACT format for what they do.

Gee, I go to watch the game. I could care less about extra long lineups for over priced warm beer. As for the half time show, again not an issue for me. Let the High School Marching bands perform.

I think its great they run out of beer.

Too damn bad they have any at all.

Nothing but contempt for people who cant enjoy a game, or life, without alcohol.

I'll drink to that! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Hic, hic, hic,

I'm with you on this one FYB. Obviously they ran out because the slushbuckets spilled half of it all over the people in front of them. I hate that they sell booze at the games...a bunch of 20 year olds think that means it's animal house time.

We've had more problem with drunks than I care to remember. And then the drunks all go get in their cars afterward...what's wrong with that picture?

I have to agree with you BCspirit. The game presentation for the home opener was embarassing. The selection of music played to pump up the crowd on defence was...Elvis, or 'celebration' by kool and the gang. Are you kidding me? I could barely hear the intro music, and our BC ferries horn after touchdowns is all messed up now. It's half going through the speakers, half vibrating, barely audible. Something needs to be done to fix this because it is making BC Place and the BC Lions look bush league.

Time to play proper music, fun and exciting sports music, maybe some hip hop or at least current music. I am a season ticket holder and want this crap changed, I'm fed up with our bad intro, uninspiring TD celebrations and ferries horn that barely works. Time to get it right.

Can't figure out why there aren't more vendors walking the isles at the Stadium. (especially beer vendors). The only ones that are out there, sell either Lemonade or cotton candy. (2 of the worst sellers in the place)! Missing 1/2 of a quarter just to get a few beers is unacceptable. And ya, what is up with the constantly running out of beer? Don't they have anyone keeping tabs of these things so they know how much beer to stock for the next game? Thats just careless.