Profanity filters?

We have spam/bot filters, minimum character counts in posts, the always-helpful “is this a real sentence” pop-ups, but there doesn’t seem to be a profanity filter?

I never say anything worse than %*+^^%+!!

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The world is a funny place. Nowadays, I’m not even sure they clean most pop songs now to be SFW. Amazon Music’s and free Spotify filter for explicit songs don’t work.

The mods seem to do a good job cleaning up posts with profanity from what I’ve seen.


I believe there are other forums on this platform that have profanity filters.
Discussion boards on other platforms do the same. Any curse word is “xxxxxed-out” automatically.

IRL, I swear like a sailor (ex-military) but I do my best to keep things clean on here.


I think they do a good job too, but I suspect that the moderators have a pretty big task keeping this whole thing on course. If they had AI help with profanity and obscenity control that would free them up to; #1 deal with other content issues, and #2 enjoy the forum more.

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