Product Endorsments

Hey Guys! Was wondering if there are any CFL players that have national product endorsment contracts? In the states lots of NFL players have big time endoresments. Just wondering if its the same up there?

If they wore skates probably but without the skates, nothing too big for a CFL player. And besides hockey players, I'm sure the Raps with Bosh and a Blue Jay or two would have larger endorsement deals that are with Canadian companies than any CFL player just because the image of someone playing in the NBA, MLB, NHL is something much more media grabbing than the CFL player that makes a lot less. Which is a real shame. I remember some chick on a Toronto radio station once making fun of the CFL draft basically along the lines it's not to be taken seriously because it's not like a player is going to get any big money. Again, a shame that so many people out there equate money with prestige and that. :roll:

...not that I can think of digi, the reality is that only a few current players would even have national recognition so their ability to be associated with a national brand would be limited at best...most player/sponsor endorsement relationships are local to the specific area the player plays in....

was kapp still here when he sold peanut butter??

...the only example I can think of is the Als working with the War Amps organization...but even then there's like eight of them, and they're in uniform so the 'instant recognization' thing is greatly assisted...

I assumed that was a league thing, red. I know I've seen War Amps ads with the Tiger-Cats.

There was the Kerry Joseph/ Lumsden Future shop commercial from 2008.

Every team in the league did a War Amps spot. Some might not be running right now because the players who were in them aren’t with the same team or retired (for example, I think Milt Stegall and Kevin Glenn were in the one the Bombers were in).

i think one of the edmonton QB's wh worked for a chip company did a spot for them when he got back into football.
the rocket did a pepsi comercial "rocket fuel"
Doug flutie had flutie flakes comercials.

Flutie wasn't in the CFL when Flutie Flakes were marketed. I believe Ismail's commercial was probably from when he was in the NFL as well.

Ricky Ray had a sponsorship deal with Frito Lays because prior to his making it big with the Eskimos, he was a Frito delivery truck driver. I doubt this deal was anywhere near the likes of the promotional deals of athletes in the more glutinous leagues.

Flutie Flakes were during Doug's tenure with the Bills and after his CFL career. While he was in the CFL he was just another one of the chumps as far as corporate Canada was concerned.

Are you sure it was every team? I know I have never seen a Rider one. Only recall Bombers and Als actually, but I rarely pay attention to commercials.

I remember Wilkinson doing commercials locally in Edmonton, though I can't remember what they were for.

Every team has done one at one time or another. The CFL has been associated with War Amps for 30 years according to the War Amps website. I believe they make a new one every year as well as reusing older ones that can still be run (like the Als one).There was a new ad with Ticats Dan Goodspeed, Alexandre Gauthier and Marwan Hage that started airing Thanksgiving 2009. I can remember an Argo one with Arland Bruce III and Byron Parker and found references to one with the Lions Jason Clermont and Mark Washington in 2005 as well as ones with the Esks and Stamps some years ago (2000 & 2001 from what I can find) but nothing on the Riders yet but there has to have been one at some point.

I really like the CFL and War Amps commercials, great cause. :thup:

Used to break my heart to watch some NFL flash in the pan doing a Campbells Chunky commercial during CFL games. Especially when we have a game named CHUNKY playing in the league right now!!!!!

One thing the CFL really needs to concentrate on is getting its players exposed, for the sake of the player and the league.

There are a thousand great stories to be told about CFL players and no one knows them. The only time they get any exposure is during the Grey Cup. For example, I remember the Mike Labingo story was featured at the '08 Grey Cup. Great story. Or the story that has come out about the work that was done by John Chick for diabetes in Saskatchewan (he quadrupled their funding in 2 years!)

Great stories. And if more corporations knew about these guys, they'd be lining up to have them get involved with promoting their products. Which would add to the players income. And the more exposure for the players, the better off the CFL.

It didn’t break my heart, more like POed me to no end. It still does to see ads for “official [insert product] of the NFL” commercials during CFL games.

Thanks for all the replies! I actually met one of the star players of the league and when he told me nobody has endorsements I didn’t believe him. That’s unfortunate for them. A lot of players here, even the not so good ones get endorsements and are able to parlay those into careers post football. Do many people not go to regular games? He told me at the championship game there was 60k plus people; I figured that would be great exposure?

the first pepsi comercials with the rocket "rocket fuel" were when he was with the argos in his rookie season.

IMO Canadian football is not the same as American football, Canadian corporations with Head offices in the States promote American football, Although with the recent TV ratings , one would think they would have a few CFL stars doing endorsements, most Canadian players in CFL have University degrees and are professionals, and the CFL is a good place for them to make connections outside of football. unlike some Americans(Imports) who end up pumping gas after their playing days are done. Leon Mcquay comes to mind