Procedure calls in CFL

Hello all -- I wonder if others with extensive knowledge of the CFL can help me - since I no longer live in Canada, it is sometimes difficult to get all the CFL news and info that I want, but I consume everything on the'Net.

My question is this. What is the infraction ( and penalty), when the defense is called for "Procedure". I remember a few years ago, a CFL ref announcing "Illegal procedure - Defense " on his microphone, and i had forgotten about it. .... but Sunday, in the Lions Rider game, I see that Morgan for Sask was called for Procedure on the Lion's convert that tied the game ( at the end of regulation) -- the penalty was declined, so I don't know any more.

I know of no such rule in the rule book and i have searched my copy also --- any one with more knowledge than me, please help.

Puzzled in Thailand.

it's not a common call,

it was because he tried pyramiding, which is using another player to try and block the ball.

you cannot get on someone and use him to assist.

Thanks for the extra information --- I am familiar with pyramiding -- I only get the information from 'CFL Live' here, and it only said "Procedure".

It's a confusing situation, and there doesn't seem to be a prescribed pattern for making this call. At least, I am not aware of any referee signal for pyramiding.

I was in Canada last year and managed to attend the 44 - 44 tie between the Riders and Stampeders - great game ! Overtime in that game ended with a pyramiding call against Calgary ( which also negated another rare play - the defense scoring a two point convert on the offense's touchdown) -- in that game the referee clearly anounced "pyramiding", but I do not recall any hand signal.

Perhaps Tom should propose a 'pyramiding' hand signal to the Governors, so that it is not so confusing. It should not be called 'Procedure' in my opinion _ ' Illegal Procedure' is an entirely different matter in the Rule Book.

if my memory serves there is a hand signal for pryamiding, however i can't recall what it is.

Can you get to the site? If so, go to their Video on Demand (VOD) page, select the game and the quarter, advance the video to that play (based on the time listed on Live Play ) and listen to see if the referee elaborates on the call.

I seem to recall hearing the call of pyramiding at the end of the game.. altho it might have been the commentators.

Just watched the play again on VoD, and the ref definitely calls Procedure on the 'Riders for Pyramiding. The 'Riders player ran at the line, and just as the ball is snapped, leapt onto the back of the centre and used him to get more height on his attempt to block the kick.

The hand signal that was given was the procedure signal; the ref did specify that it was for pyramiding.

Yep, I've watched the game 4 times now, pyramiding. It looks like he almost jumped over the entire line, just short a bit and landed on top.