Problems with the Extra Yard ..episode 2

I couldn't watch the show Thursday night, the eyes wouldn't stay open long enough, so I've tried to watch it on TSN.CA with no success. I keep getting this download error from the TSN site, which also instructs me to try again in a few seconds, which I did repeatedly and got the same result.

I can run the first episode no problem and did so this morning. However, I've tried over the last couple of days to view the second show at different times and consistently get this grief. Meantime, I can also watch the CFL games on demand through the same location just fine.

I've sent two emails to the TSN technical group, including one just earlier this morning and, in both cases, got no response.

Anyone else out there with this problem or is it just me???

I haven't had the problem you have, but I have had others.

TSN has NEVER RESPONDED to any of my queries.

Perhaps they're getting too big for their breaches.

There are a number of airings for episode 2 the next two weeks:

Sun. 07 Aug. 11:00 TSN2
Thu. 11 Aug. 18:00 TSN2
Fri. 12 Aug. 19:30 TSN
Fri. 19 Aug. 15:00 TSN
Sat. 20 Aug. 00:30 TSN

Thanks Herc. It just seems strange that I can view the first episode and not the second. I'm going down east for most of this week, so maybe next week.

I'm in the Porter airlines lounge and using their internet at the Island airport while waiting to board to Halifax and just tried to start up the second episode and got the same grief, so it is TSN's fault.