Problems With Like Function

@sully I think there are two problems. One is with design and the other is with function.

Function - Related to my comment on design, say in trying other options you accidentally like a post and it's a mistake. I noticed now when you tap again on an older post, it won't remove it as with the current post. Of course this mistake can cause confusion in a more active discussion.

Design - It can be tricky on a phone when the options along the very bottom of a post are clustered so closely together on the left.

Perhaps it is not in your control for the interface, but it would make more sense to have them spaced out along the bottom instead, as there clearly is blank space, because we don't have skeleton fingers here!

/Hold the jokes about rumoured ghouls or zombies amongst us :smiley_cat:

The first problem cited appears to have been fixed.

I don't know if you did it or not @sully but thank you on the first item.