Problem with Water @ New Mosaic Stadium

Evidently, a minor problem has arisen. Water is NOT FIT TO DRINK at new Mosaic stadium in Regina. This is hilarious after all the laughter and derision riderfans directed at the bombers with the fallout (over-budget, no egress for shows, concrete cracks, leaky boxes, inexperienced architect, etc.) over pathetically poor construction at IGF.

Here's the report from Canadian Press!

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Report says some gravel was found ... in construction of this size that is within normal expected events. Someone didn't flush the new lines enough aND thankfully they caught it while still under full warrenty.

Thought they found eboli the way this post was written lol

Still a year till it's open for the Riders so it's really not a big deal.

Someone trying to make something out of nothing.

It was good foresight to schedule the university game to open the stadium this weekend - - CIS level of play will prepare fans for what to expect from the Rider games.

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Who the heck drinks tap water at a football game? :roll:

Can't figure out why you are so adamant to criticize the Esks and Ti-Cats.

Only you would equate the failed work of the professions you mentioned in those stadiums to Regina's problem. Those stadiums had to spend millions to band-aid there problems and all Regina had to do was yell "Hey Culligan Man" for a permanent fix.

Drinking water from a tap wouldn't be so bad, but apparently they had to post signage through the bathrooms reminding Regina Fan not to drink from the toilets.

Signs will be posted this weekend [b][u]at all 23 stadium washrooms and over sinks [/u][/b]reminding fans not to drink the water.

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Perhaps they consulted Wadzilla Miller on how to drive up sales of bottled water? lol :rockin: :cowboy:

I'm pretty sure this type of thing is exactly the reason it's called a "Test event".

Compared to the High schoolesque of the Argos?

You're not the advance man for the famine, are you?

It's a test event you imbecile. You'd have to be a special kind of dumb to equate something like this to what is happening in Winnipeg, crissakes the Regina stadium doesn't even officially open for another 10 months & is still an active construction site. Are you really this dumb Lyle?


Funny how they made sure to point that out in the article:

Bottled water will be available for sale.
A $278 MILLION white elephant and the water's contaminated. Nice job, Regina.

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Big deal...bottled water required for 1 "test event." If this is one of the greater woes that is great news. whoopie fricken do...they need to work on water lines on a site that is not completed yet anyways. If you find this to be a big deal you live a pretty sheltered life. If you actually think a contaminated water line is a "white elephant" you are not bright. At least they planned this project with targets that let them work these small kinks out before a CFL game and the facility will actually be ready