problem with the cats (imo)

this could just be me, and i could just be pulling this out of left field but...

they NEED to run the ball more. with ranek and holmes in the backfield they have NO excuse.

the last time they won a game Ranek carried the ball 27 times for 167 yards. in the following 3 "games" for lack of a better word, he's carried the ball a total of 19 times for about 50 yards.

now i could be wrong but didn't they sign ranek to run the ball and open things up downfield for maas? or did they sign him to look pretty in black and gold.

if for some reason they aren't confident in what ranek can do then why not hand the ball off to holmes? he can break big plays.

my point is you can't win in my opinion when you only run the ball 5 times in a game, especially with the quality of backs they have sitting wasting away. this obviously falls on the offensive co-ordinator to resolve by callings some running plays but...

anyways that is just my opinion, what does everyone else think?

doesn't matter who you have in that backfield, if your offensive line can't bloock anyone.....they are awwfulll

The problem is that the game plan sucks. Your observation isn't wrong but it won't happen under the current leadership since they won't do what is nessasary to make those runs successful.

Problem is the Oline. They do a heck of a job pass protecting (althought Maas throws after about 3 seconds) but the run blockin just aint up to snuff

the run blocking can't be THAT bad if ranek can bust 167 in a game. plus when you got a guy in ranek who fights for every inch and a guy in holmes who can make something out of nothing (even if his blocks suck).

but showing zero faith in your o-line isn't exactly going to inspire them to play better or dig deeper.

i don't even know how you make a fair assessment of the run blocking when the team only runs the ball 5 times a game. not every play can be a big play. you need to stick with it...

i have to agree with turbo that we just lack the leadership to commit to the run

Don't misquote me please. We need WAAAAY more than to comit to the run. The passing gameplan is as much at fault for the running woes as anything. If we run 20-25 times a game while continuing to run the same pass patterns the running game will STILL FAIL

easy bud, no need to get so up in arms. we're not talking word of god here. this team needs ALOT more of alot of things. like maybe a real GM with a football mind, and maybe an offensive co-ordinator that runs plays that go further than 4-5 yards and maybe a coach who has a contract instead of on an interim basis

i'm just saying i think the run would be a good place to start fixing things this year. they have certain players who can make things happen by themselves that will make the job a little easier on everyone.

Did you watch the game? Did you listen to the CBC guys? This team is abysmal in every way. Their problems go way beyond pick and patch remedies. Lousy gameplan, no 1/2 time adjustments to the lousy gameplan, lousy play selection, 5th rate execution at every position, no heart or enthusiasm, no leadership on the field or the sidelines, no ability to come back from an early deficit.... I've been a CFL watcher for many decades but I don't think I've seen a team as bad as this one is in virtually every way. As the CBC's Sean Millington said after the game..."blow it up".

Even as an Argo fan, I have to say you TiCat fans deserve a whole lot better. At least as fans, we should be able to expect a good effort from our teams even if they lose. I doubt if these guys could spell EFFORT.

An Argo fan

No point in running 20 times a game until they pick up more than a 3 yard average. Its quite simple really. This may be the only play calling that I can make any sense of. I wouldn't run it either until I found a way to get the linebackers more than 5 yards off the line