problem with teh quarterback lineup!

I see a lot of changes for the upcoming season and overall i like what i see. Like i mean there are a lot of players who havent proven themselves in teh CFL but i think we will have a better year then next year...well....if the quarterback situation resolves itself.

Last year Jason Maas did not perform like we thought he would. He had 298 completions for 484 attempts a 61.6% avg and 8 TD. 8 TDs people!!! thats not enough to win games and we paid for that last year. A lot of people were saying that he had an arm injury. Ok thats fine but i mean whats the status for this year? What if his arm is still a problem whose going to take his place? We have Rocky Butler who hasnt played that much 38 completions for 73 attempts a 52.1% rating and 613 yds. Richie Williams who has only played a few backup games at 17 completions of 32 attempts a 53.1 % completion rate and 2 TDS.
Timmy Chang hasnt played in the CFL so i think he will need time to grow.

I think overall if Jason Maas is still injured we will have a major problem with wins.

There is though...i think..some light at the end of the tunnel. Say Jason Maas is still injured..who can help out Rocky Butler and Richie Williams..maybe even take a starter spot?

Well folks...i think we need to take a look at Spergon Wynn whose still a free agent. When he took over for Damen Allen he played pretty good. Look at his last year stats.

93 completions 147 attempts a 63.3% completion rating
1109 Total yards and 5 TD. some of those games he played he helped toronto win there games. I think we need to at least give this guy a try out and see what happens. He could possibly beat out Rocky Butler or Richie Williams for the number 2 spot..and maybe even number 1 if Jason Maas is still having trouble.

before you criticize any of this...really think about the situation and what is left in teh CFL for the tiger cats to grab..and someone who has CFL experience and posted some pretty impressive stats.

Before last year I would have agreed that Spergon Wynne was a player with a big upside and would be worth trying to pick up. He competed well at the Quarterback Challenge and certainly looks to have the physical skills to do the job. With Damon Allen hurt last year he had an opportunity to step up and take control of the offence and become a leader on the team. While some of the results were not all his fault (they fired the OC midyear) he has to take some of the blame for the lack lustre effort of the offence when he played. Given that the Argo coaches chose to look for Michael Bishop for inspiration late in the year I think it is safe to say that Spergon didn't have what it takes to be leader or a starting QB. Winnipeg dropped him on the depth chart quickly the year before as well. Personally, I don't think he will be back in the CFL this year.

I've said it before in other threads, but it bears repeating.

Spergon Wynn was fourth string in Winnipeg; if you can't beat out Tee Martin for a job as a QB, time to look for a new line of work.

Add to that when Wynn started for the Argos against Montreal he couldn't even get the team to midfield the entire game.

Thanks but no thanks; I'd take Butler, Williams, and Chang anyday. Rather have them learn their game in action and accept some growing pains than have them rot on the bench while a guy (Wynn) plays ahead of them who you just know is not your QB answer.

if you've said it before many times, then maybe noone told u...sperg was injured when he was with winnipeg, and thats why he was 4th string.

he was number 2 in BC, until injury gave printers the chance to he was ahead of printers in BC.

when he was with toronto, the OC expected him to play like damon would play and didnt make plays that targeted sperg's skill set ( you wouldnt give calvillo the same playbook as burris would u? )...which is why OC austin was fired....not to mention torontos poor o-line.

i'd like to see sperg get another shot somewhere in the CFL.

this is kind of random. are you Spergon Wynn's agent?

We can agree to disagree I guess drummer god; personally, I’d have an injured player ahead of Tee Martin on any depth chart!