Problem with Printers

Looking for too many receivers at a time.The whole offense has to get together and decide,this guy is going to get the ball,and if there is nothing there,than this secondary receiver will get the ball.If neither option is available,you run or throw the ball away.Nothing seems to be planned ahead of time.For eg.,you can’t waite until the receiver is wide open,on the far side of the field and then throw the ball.That play will be broken up every time.That ball has to be in the air as he is making his cut.I think if Casey focuses on 1 or 2 receivers,his timing will be better.Has anybody else noticed this?

I've noticed that he's running for his life on every down so he probably doesn't have passing lanes with which to see his receivers running timing routes.

It may seem that way but if I remember correctly, Jesse wasn't a great drop back pocket passer even in the 'glory days".

Casey's strength was always throwing on the run, and improvising, making yards out of nothing.

I stll thing that the problem with Casey is that his receivers have to learn that with this kind of QB, it is necessary to be creative in route running and work to make themselves open in a spot that CP can throw to while running.

I think orangefan is right.

Casey is not making the decision to throw, quiick enough. He’s holding on a tad too long resulting in pressure and some sacks.

You have to have a plan "A".You don't plan on improvising,which is what they may be doing. eg. You have a 6'-5" wide receiver in single coverage,he gets the ball,you have to trust him.If they double team him,you go to your outlet receiver.I would like to see Miles and Woodcock at the slot position.Both guys know how to get open and should be closer to the QB.

With the emergence of Rodriguez, this sounds reasonable and shows promise for our receiving corps.

Don't forget Bauman who was playing very well too.

They need to approach Printers and say nicely, we need to renegotiate your contract IN HALF, I think he makes 500, 000 bucks a year, so it has to be cut in half, otherwise release him. His contract could have bonus incentives that could pay him another 100 grand under ideal circumstances. He probably has no where else to go, actually Pinball would snap him up. Other teams would be interested but not for more than 200 grand I would not think. This would free up more money for another decent WR/ SB.

He is not worth the money!!! To many times people are getting big pay outs based on one good year. His one good year was on a fantastic team, with the best coaches and receivers.

Absent O-line....

Some bad calls on his part too... loss of downs, overthrows, etc...

Receivers need to be there too, though, they've dropped the ball a few key times....

We all know Casey has talent, but there is something not happening between him and the offense weather its timing or flow of the game its not happening when hes out there most times. When you see closeups of him on TV he looks nervous and jumpy he still looks like a rookie out there at times as compared to QBs on other teams who seems very cam and in control for most part.

It may seem that way but if I remember correctly, Jesse wasn't a great drop back pocket passer even in the 'glory days".

Jesse who?

My bad...Casey

Hey Im over 50...

why do they not roll out printers when the o line seems to be having issues? I did not see any roll out plays the whole game, just Casey running for his life. This must have affected him due to some of the drop snaps.

All you men do is cry every game.
We should have this player, or he should do this or whatever!

Just calm down men, and let the boys play.

No wonder hamilton sucks, they dont have the fans backing them up!

we need men to play, not boys

men are playing, its the boys thats on here that want to play.

love to play, but cant run, catch, block or even tackle. lol

If Casey had a line (AC’s issue) to protect him, and Offensive “plan” to execute (another AC issue) or recievers that would run good routes and hold onto the ball, he’d be pretty great, as would the TC’s…
We’re probably halfway there with the OLine, and Jesse and Tre give a new dimension, but admittedly the play calling is pretty crummy…I’m a lot more hopeful with Richie running the “O” on Thursday, with all these guys from the practise roster, who have a better sense of his timing…

And Ritchie isn’t scared to go downtown and stretch it out, that will allow the “under” game to prosper.

Recognise that the TC players will be playing Thursday night, bearing a grudge for that opening game…

Okay, grant the point that the coaching will have the same flaws as they always seem to have…


As long as these coaches are allowed to make the same bonehead calls and use the same ineffective schemes and bare-bones game plans we will continue to throw away winnable games. It's not the players, the receivers, the QB, even the linemen. It is the coaches and their incredible and consistent inability to effectively use their assets and hide their liabilities. That's what good coaching does, take advantage of assest like Lumsden and hide the inadequacies of the offensive and defensive lines. Standing on the sidelines with their fingers up their butts doesn't quite cut it.

Part of the problem could be McManus. At times I see the McManus influence in Casey's game and it doesn't work. I don't see how McManus can help a QB like Printers when he never played anywhere near a similar style.

No one can dissect what an opposing team is doing like Danny Mac. An experienced pair of eyes like his can help Printers alot.

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