Problem with CHML?

I hate listening to Walby and biasness, plus I like listening to Coach Sal. Since I am in Alberta, I can't get CHML's signal so I listen on HOWEVER, The sound is so low I can't make out anything. Everything else seems to work fine on my computer, even live streaming from other radio stations, but not the live streaming from CHML. Anyone else having this problem?

The streaming is always behind by at least one play compared to the live TV feed, Shooter. I use a cable connection, so I am sure there are even more issues with dial-up.

Oski Wee Wee,

I'n not saying its behind. I am saying there is no sound. I am on Cable as well.

As far as sound goes, it works for me. I do have to crank the sound up a little, though.

At times the live sound feed from CHML has been down, especially come Fifth Quarer time.

Oski Wee Wee,

Als are getting smoked! It will be 28-6 after the convert on teh Bruce bomb for the TD!


I can't get the stream either
I came out here to see if anyone else had the same problem,I guess they do.
Must be a problem with CHML
It hasn't worked all day, I tried getting it a few hours ago and it wouldn't work

Darren Flutie is doing the game, not Walby.

So the TV broadcast is junk quality, and the streaming audio is buggered too.

When it rains its pours. I suspect the tech support crew at CHML/Corrus won't be back until Monday morning.

Hard to find anything positive with this whole scenario.

Its actually a good thing that CHML/Corrus don't know how fix a busted stream for one of their key clients.

Embarrassing that the client's owner is one of the pioneers of a computer code movement that revolutionalized how we all get information delivered through the internet.

I am also not getting streaming. Very disappointing. Great job chml

I had to go out and Listen in My Car..
Cause of no Internet Feed from CHML