Problem brewing

Ok guise, here's the deal. July 16 the Lions are going to beat the Eskimos, 16:00 PST kickoff. That's the good news, here's the problem.
I'm gettin' married that day. Cerimony at 14:30, reception about 17:00. There are no tvs at the reception. HOWEVER, there is a radio in the limo! So I could hear the first quarter and a bit before having to sadly shun my beloved Lions for a crazy ginger who I'm marrying.
Am I out of line to ask to have the game played on the radio in the limo? Obvioulsy there's literally nothing that I can do at the reception, no tvs, no game. But ya can't keep a guy away from his team can you???

Marriage is only once (hopefully).. there'll always be football..

I'm sure the football gods will be kind to you! :smiley:

why not get married sooner :wink:

I got married in wpg, and my in-laws made sure we didnt get married on bomber game day.

we had our reception at a hall with tvs in the basement, it was a must, and we all spent time down there watching other games. :thup:

LOL I love this thread.
It is exactly the way I would be if I was in the same boat.
I remember when I was a young teen slow dancing with a hot girl and there was sports on a tv while we were dancing. My eyes were glued to the TV as I danced with her,lol
There is absolutly nothing wrong with listening to your team play on your wedding day.
If it was me I would do my wedding vows at half time. :slight_smile:

I take it the woman you are marrying isn't a big football fan? Just ask her well ahead of time if it would be okay.

Will you have a cell phone with you? Isn't there some CFL app or something where you can get updates on games in real time texted to you?

i have been to a couple weddings on game day. Fortunately, they were in halls that had lounges attached, so we could pop out every now and then to check in. But seriously...ditch the game for the girl.

When you are fitted for your suit, make sure that you have an orange blazer with black slacks... if you can't watch the game, you will still show your Lions' pride... :wink:

…you’ve got a bigger problem than you realize, I’ve been married to a crazy ginger 25 years this May, you sure you know what you’re in for?..

I would say that unless your wife is as mad of football as you are. I would suggest you honor her and dedicate the day to your couple.

Funny thing you bring this up... my wife and I got married two years ago on Rider game day against CGY no less - thank god it was an away game or we would have had to reschedule! As you probably guessed she and her family are die-hard Rider fans. Being a loyal Lion fan I insisted that they could not bring a TV into the reception. I absolutely forbid it... I really didn't want our wedding turning into just another night watching some football and I really didn't need to see the Rider game. Anyway, point of the story is that when we got to the dances, her father was nowhere to be found... A little light went on in my wife's head and she said he's probably up the street. Off I went to a family friends house and low and behold there were about 20 to 30 wedding guests crammed into the basement watching the game. Couldn't believe it at the time, but looking back I should have expected it!

My suggestion to you is just find a TV close to the reception and dip out every now and then. Just time things so that you don't get caught!

So do you have silver hair yet, for it being your silver anniversary? :lol: I associate that with being old... but also an early congrats... 25 yrs is a long time... its longer than some criminals get! :wink:

She's a big football fan, has seasons tickets with me and went ot the Calgary Grey Cup with me.
She's all hissy because its not proper to listen to the game that day. :roll:
I can't get married sooner or a different day, everything is booked.
I'm wearing a kilt, not a suit, its red and green, no orange. This does not mean I'm a closet Stamps or Riders fan!

Well you could paint a certain part of you orange/black... :lol: :lol: :lol:

Maybe you could have the Minister change some of the vows so your guests know your passion for the Lions:

" sickness and in health,
in 3rd place or in 4th" :wink:

That way, people will be a little more understanding if you need to duck outside every now and then to listen/watch.
My advice? Find a limo with a TV. Don't forget, she'll likely be dancing a number with her Dad where you likely won't be needed. :stuck_out_tongue:

You think your fiancée is being 'hissy' for not wanting football to interfere with your wedding day? To each his own, but it's just a game, man. To me, marrying the person you love is way more important than watching football, or any sport.

I think she convinced him that there is an option year somewhere in the contract and agreed to wave the no trade clause. :lol:

If you guys are just heading to the reception, then I don’t see a problem. The most important part, the ceremony, is over, so have fun.

BTW, red, you might want to be careful what you say about redheads. You wouldn’t want to get on the bad side of a certain redhead from Saskatchewan. :wink:

You have my congrats to you and your bride on your special day Grims. How about finding someone that can give you updates on the game which in essense will avoid any problems. Other than that, Paolo X started this thread in the Eskies forum on Fan Free Agency; I would consider stealing you (all in fun of course) from the Lions and join us. :cowboy: Cheers and enjoy your wedding day. :smiley:

That's what I think, too bad the limo doesn't have satelite tv!

Oh, she also killed the idea of me switching to my jersey during the reception. Some women are just so uptight! :stuck_out_tongue:

Grims, how I wish I could be there behind the scenes to help your clan of groomsmen in kilts to help out a teammate on this one.

I would recommend some of the techniques in "Wedding Crashers" for your crew helping you out as well.

One of the groomsmen has to have at least one cell phone or device with mobile TV. During the ceremony of course the mute button can be on of course. That guy also cannot be married already (unless they've been married a long time way past kids and are happy always scowling at each other and don't care) or cannot have a nagging, talkative love interest otherwise.

You all must develop a secret code that expires after that day so that it cannot be decrypted. Certain signals will tell you the score and events as he's watching the game for you sneaking peaks through various diversions (coughs, grunts, fake sneezes, pretending to wipe eyes, dropping the phone by accident, et cetera). Then to catch peaks of course you can go to the bathroom a lot that day because you are nervous too right?

Then later after the game somehow you can catch the highlights towards the end of the meal at the reception because of course you will really need to go to the bathroom for real at that point anyway right?

It's best to create a diversion at the reception to throw off the whole bunch of bridesmaids by using the ring-bearer and some other kids when you head out for a bit too just as extra insurance and to buy time.

Congratulations to you and your fiancee and good luck of course, as you have found also a CFL bride!