Probably a dumb question...


I was watching the Hamilton/Bombers game tonight, here in the UK where I live now, and it looked like the end zones in Hamilton have shrunk...

When Westwood had his missed FG in the 1st quarter, the end zone looked barely 10 yards deep.

Since I live in the UK, there is no coverage at all, and the only way I can watch is on a channel called NASN... so did I miss something?

Did they suddenly shrink the end zones this year or it is just Hamilton...

Help because I am confused! :slight_smile:



No the enzones are the same.. it's just Westwood's leg that is getting smaller


Maybe it's the angle, but seriously, if I could tape this and put it on YouTube, you would swear the end zone was 10 yards deep... :slight_smile:

Of course, I could be hallucinating from 3 hours of summer hockey over here (yes they play hockey in the UK)... :slight_smile:

Glad to see the Cats get a W... even though I grew up in Winnipeg, I have been following them since I was a wee lad... I even got to see them in the Grey Cup v Calgary held in Winnipeg.. how upset was I to see them lose on the last play????

Anyway, thanks for the reply.

Man, these still look tiny... hardly 35 yds deep anyway...

OK, just saw a sweet TD into the endzone to Raplh... for sure as deep as usual... mand this angle is confusing! :slight_smile:

It must be the dilythium crystals capt'n. thar loosin thar strength!

Hockey in the UK??? COOL! (no pun intended)

Uhhhhh.. CFL end zones are 20 yards deep, not 35. The used to be 25 yards up until the 80's.

Copp Stadium (Hamilton) is very narrow. So don't know if that makes a difference.

Ummmmm... I think you meant Ivor Wynne Stadium. Copps Coliseum is the hockey arena.

Which of course is very narrow compared to Ivor Wynne. :smiley:

Gee, ya reckon there, Jerky? :lol:

Ivor Wynne is smaller than most stadiums, but the field is regulation size. The result is that the wall is as close to the sidelines as the rules allow.

When the end zones were 25 yards deep, the corners used to be clipped off. Once they were shortened to 20 yards, they became rectangular like the others.

A loose piece of trivia pops into my brain, and I'm afraid I have to share it with everyone. The reason the end zones were shortened (to 20 yards from 25 yards) is due to the (some would say) architectural shortcomings of BC Place Stadium. It only had room for 20 yard end zones. In order to allow the Lions to play there and to keep every field in the league at the same dimensions the CFL was forced to make this change.

As a side note nobody will ever be able to touch the all time interception return record, which I think is 134 yards, again while these dimensions hold true.

I think there's still a few stadiums in the league that have the corners cut off in the endzone. Montreal and Edmonton come to mind although I could be wrong there.

stadiums which have a running track around it usually have the corners cut off.

For sure Edmonton has the corners clipped.
I can't say I've noticed the Montreal corners, but now I'll be looking for that...

Thanks for the correction, I don't know why I thought they were 35 yards deep... I think it was the camera angle which confused me...

? how would a cfl franchise, /league do in the uk /Eh?