Pro Stats Canada 2022

I stumbled across these guys a month or two ago. They do weekly run-downs of the CFL player stats. I'm not sure what formulas they use, but they have said they'll reveal them at some point.

Here's on interesting graphic from this season:

How did Dane Evans have the most (3) weekly top spots at QB? I'd have thought Rourke would've achieved at least that many, despite his games missed. Collaros too, though the Bombers spread the ball to the running backs a lot too.

Nevermind, I misunderstood. This is part of a countdown to the most decorated. It's not the #1 spot.


4 Appearances

5 Appearances

6 Appearances

8 Appearances


And the Argos released this guy in training camp . . . well, they did go to the Grey Cup, but still.

On top of their offense and defence, the Bombers also have the top punt returner. Doesn't seem fair.

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Although there is always room for quibbling about certain selections, the most glaring errors appear to me at DB. I consider Deatrick Nichols to be the best cover man in the league yet he doesn’t appear on either first or second team. Instead we have Winston Rose and Wes Sutton, two DB’s who were frequently torched for big plays, although both improved as the year went on. It is hard to accumulate flashy stats and IT’s when the ball is rarely thrown to the man you are covering.

I also think not selecting Oliveira over Butler for second team RB is glaring. We all saw their relative worth last week.

I'm curious to learn how they calculate their numbers for rating the players. Unlike the league's all-star teams, which are voted on, the Pro Stats guys use actual numbers.

But football is such a complicated game with so many different positions and factors affecting each position, I don't know how they settled on their formulas.

Here's the CFLPA all-star team, for comparison's sake:


QB β€” Zach Collaros (WPG)
RB β€” Ka’Deem Carey (CGY)
FB β€” David Mackie (BC)

SB β€” Reggie Begelton (CGY)
SB β€” Nic Demski (WPG)
WR β€” Dominique Rhymes (BC)
WR β€” Eugene Lewis (MTL)

C β€” David Beard (HAM)
G β€” Brandon Revenberg (HAM)
G β€” Patrick Neufeld (WPG)
OT β€” Jermarcus Hardrick (WPG)
OT β€” Stanley Bryant (WPG)


DT β€” Jake Ceresna (EDM)
DT β€” Almondo Sewell (MTL)
DE β€” Folarin Orimolade (CGY)
DE β€” Lorenzo Mauldin IV (OTT)

WLB β€” Cameron Judge (CGY)
MLB β€” Adam Bighill (WPG)
SLB β€” Derrick Moncrief (SSK)

CB β€” Jamal Peters (TOR)
CB β€” Nick Marshall (SSK)
HB β€” T.J. Lee (BC)
HB β€” Deatrick Nichols (WPG)
S β€” Tunde Adeleke (HAM)

Special Teams

K β€” RenΓ© Paredes (CGY)
P β€” Richie Leone (OTT)
LS β€” Aaron Crawford (CGY)
Special β€” Mario Alford (SSK)


Coach β€” Mike O’Shea (WPG)

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Well I got my Deatrick Nichols but where did
Dalton Schoen go?

Yeah, Begelton bumping Schoen is interesting, eh. Mayhap the vet PA members don't like to vote for a rookie so much?


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