Pro Line odds out for GC

Odds on favorites, the Saskatchewan Roughriders are not even worth betting on this year in the grey cup. At a recent low of 1.35 on Pro- Line betters might as well not bet. Winnipeg (comes in at 4.75) on the other hand might be worth chucking a couple bucks down on if your a Rider fan, because then you have a shot at winning either way with a couple self-determined locks from the NFL.
IE: Dal., Pit., or N.E.


I tried using pit as a sure thing this last weekend, didnt work, sigh. Damn ties, grrr

however, you can bet I be doing just what you suggest, as I have been for long time. Only I probably will use the senators as my supposed sure thing.

ties are good... thats where the money is, not that I would know...

I can relate there. Just as I think I know something about sports betting with a couple wins in a row, Pro-Line kicks my butt, yet again.


Is Pro-Line the only site where you can bet on the CFL? I'll be watching the Grey Cup at my brother's place since he has a big screen TV, and his girlfriend likes to bet, but she's never bet on the CFL before.

I've never encountered other ways to bet on CFL.


Betting online is much easier. You can bet on only one game if you like (instead of three) and ties won't kill the ticket (unless you call one!) You can even bet who will have a good game (if Stegall gets 80+ yards, etc...), who scores the first TD, pretty much anything! has a sportsbook where you can bet on the CFL, I read it in some football magaine lol

Yeah its pretty bad sometimes... I dont think it would be all that smart to bet on the Grey Cup this year on proline... Not worth it..