Pro Football and Pro Wrestling

This topic came up on one of the Als forums. Since it is still offseason, I figure it might be an interesting topic.

I know there are a number of former CFLers that went onto become pro wrestlers.

Lawerance Pfohl - Lex Lugar played for the Als.

Duane Johnson/ the Rock played for the Stamps.

Anybody interested in chiming in?

Angelo 'King Kong' Mosca (played for Ticats) [url=] ... re=related[/url] [url=] ... re=related[/url]

And these players spent a brief time in the CFL
'Hacksaw' Jim Duggan (Argos)

Brian Pillman (Stampeders)

Tito Santana (Lions)

Ron Simmons (Ottawa RRs)

Yes, Tito Santana was better known around these parts as Merced Solis (his real name). He played one season for the Lions at tight end in 1976.

Why none other than the recently deceased Mighty Canadian Gene Kiniski once played, briefly before blowing out his knee, for the Eskimos. He actually has a fairly interesting life story. I think it would make a good movie.

Who can forget Angelo Mosca and Brett the Toaster Williams

George Wells played for the Riders and was a regular on Stu Hart's Stampede Wrestling in Calgary in the 70's and into the 80's.

Another guy who came to mind was the Junkyard Dog (JYD), AKA Sylvester Ritter. I knew he played ball, and as he also started on Stampede Wrestling before eventually getting to the WWF, I thought he must have been a practice roster player for the Stamps. But can't find any reference to that on the internet. He did however get drafted by the NFL:

Ritter was playing football at Fayetteville State University, earning honorable mention for the All-American team twice and a member of The Sports Hall Of Fame.[1] He graduated with a political science degree and was selected by the Green Bay Packers organization, but knee and back surgery ended his football career.

Glen Kulka who played for both Ottawa and Sask. also had a brief wrestling career if memory serves. He was the Kulkomaniac.

Wow! I didn't know Tito Santana played ball.

Kulka wrestled and he blew his knee in Regina when he came off the top rope funny(not funny ha ha), I was actually at that show.

Yeah Pillman was another guy i forgot about. Pillman was an incredible wrestler in his WCW days, he also played for the Bengals, not sure how long though.

I believe Ron Simmons was a Heisman Trophy winner too. I wonder how his CFL play was.

Kiniski was a great performer. I saw an old interview with him on CBC webpage. It was great. Check out CBC's stuff they got a great page full of archived videos of almost everything (CFL included, obviously).

Wayne Coleman aka "Superstar Billy Graham" had a tryout with the Stamps and was briefly with the Alouettes.

Bill Goldberg attended training camp with the Lions

We also have some guys that haven’t made it to pro wrestling yet, but are determined.
See Rob Murphy, king of the sucker punch and getting away with it, or Adriano Belli king of the let’s not just bring down the QB, let’s make sure we end his career because I have no self control.
Tell me these guys wouldn’t make great heel’s in the WWE. :cowboy:

Goldberg actually played for the Sacramento Surge of the WLAF
and was on their 1992 World Bowl championship team.

Of course, that franchise moved to the CFL in 1993
and became the Sacramento Gold Miners.

Goldberg, however, made his way onto the Atlanta Falcons roster
for the 1992-1994 NFL seasons and never played for the Gold Miners.


I think all the CFLers that I can think of have been mentioned. Kulka spent most of his CFL time with the Argos.
NFLers include Ernie "The Cat" Ladd (Kansas City Chiefs), Leon White (Big Van Vader)(LA Rams), Jesse "The Body" Ventura (San Diego Chargers).

Gentleman Gene was the best - World Champion and could talk his way better than Muhammad Ali. Sad seeing he recently left us. His son I think played football or wrestled for SFU.

15 posts and nobody has mentioned Stu Hart.

Stu was mentioned in the Wikipedia article quoted by rpaege.
Kelly Kiniski was in AWA, NWA and may have had a time in WWE as well.
For NFLers, I'm pretty sure Big John Studd was with somebody, I think the Rams, too.
I think Scott Norton had some pro time as well.

big van vader was another one.

basically name a guy and u'll find he played football either in college or the pros.

I remember in the WCW when lance storm and a bunch of guys took over some of the belts and renamed them after Canadian themes. But there was a guy who was in their crew who used to cheat by putting on a Grey Cup ring and knocking peopleout with it. Does anyone remember his name? For some reason I think he played for the riders, because he renamed his belt the "Saskatchewan hardcore belt". I think it was something Skipper? Does anyone else even remember this?

"primetime" elix skipper. yup but i dont think he actually played for the riders. just think it was a gimmick there.

yup it was a gimmick.

not sure if they've been mentioned but

JBL played for the la raiders.

ron "farooq" simmons also played in the nfl.