Except that y'know...

Exhibition games are not meaningless!

While they don't count towards stats, exhibition games are very important games nonetheless. Also most players are playing with 100% effort during exhibition games, which still leaves the issue of injuries which occur when players are not putting out their best efforts.

Other than the CFL, I'm a huge NHL and NFL fan, but I will not watch either of those all-star games. They are very boring, the players play with absolutely no passion or emotion and basically just go through the motions until the game is over. That coupled with the fact that a CFL all-star game before the season starts is an injury risk turns my vote to a resounding no.


Why not have a skills competition day or week? Sort of like the Damon Allen QB challenge, but bigger and with challenges for other positions(not just QB). I think this was mentioned as a potential idea by the CFL earlier this past season.

  • Why not have a import vs, Nonimport allstar game, ( THE PLAYERS assosiation, could Run the game in the offseason, or The SAt before grey cup sunday?

Who would QB the non-import team? Currently, there are no Canadians at the QB position in this league. Only if Jesse Palmer sticks with a CFL team could this happen.

Haha Statik , Not so fast . I didn't say that you said they were the same thing . Just that you are comparing them as meaningless games to be played in pre-season. Still an apples to oranges comparison none the less stemming from the fact you are comparing them period . Now perhaps you should go back and re-read your own post as well as mine. :roll:

ok - you two are right (pennw/bluewhatever). i dont know the difference between an allstar game and an exhibition game. and i dont know the difference between a meaningless game and an effortless game.

unreal. Both of you have managed to take my words out of context and spin them from a different perspective.


Nope . No one took you out of context . You're just trying to save face after saying something dumb that's all.

k they definitely shouldnt have it before the season cuz it would be a super weak game but it should be after the grey cup and it should be in bc, just because the weather

Ask Robert Edwards if it is a concern. He almost lost he career and his leg in a rookie beach football game.

I do believe that all-star are riskier for the players, because not everyone gives it 100% at these games. If an all-star game is to be played why not between both leagues and have one game by NFL rules and another by CFL rules? That would be more interesting than and East-West CFL game or Pro Bowl.

Besides, the Pro Bowl game for the NFL players is in a warm sunny tropical location. Its a holiday for them.

Where could we hold one? Victoria? Halifax? No tropics here!

nothing says the CFL cant go to hawaii

You are right the stadium can enlarge the field for a soccer size surface. Aloha Stadium is great been there a few times for the Hula bowl. The Rainbow Warriors of the CFL sounds good to me. And wow what great Grey Cup at this stadium. The NFL uses this place as a fun time after the season and most likely will never have a team here.

Shhhhhh R&W2005

You'll give the American Expansion fanatics another idea for another thread. :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

Especially since we haven't had another expansion thread this week!

oh sorry sporty!

I used to be all for an all-star game, but didn't really think it was feasible ... now, I'm pretty set against it. I don't think they're really for hardcore fans. I couldn't watch the NHL all-star game!! And, there's the injury risk ... and, I don't know how well a CFL all-star game would fly, in Canada.

The skills competition is a good idea though (still probably wouldn't be well attended), and the CFL-NFL game is always really really intriguing, for the fans. But I'm sure the NFL would NEVER go for it. Is it a coincidence that the last time a CFL team played an NFL team, the CFL team won?