I wanted to know why we don't have a pro bowl? I know the weather does not permit an all star game after the Grey Cup, but why do we have to conform to NFL standards? When an all star game before the season starts would be excellent just like MLB did their World Baseball Classic during Spring Training. We should do Our all star game called the SUMMER KICK OFF BOWL during or before pre season.

Let's all let the CFL know that we want this! [/size]

Sure , that would be great to have a mean nothing game before the season starts so that players who get injured in that game can miss the regular season or part of it.

What he said.

No one plays hard in an All Star Game. So, injuries are not a concern.

Actually it is a pretty well accepted fact that injuries are far more likely when players aren't playing hard.

That's when the opposing team is playing hard and you're dogging it. No one is going to take cheapshots in an allstar game. I think it's a cool idea.

Instead of a game, why not have a concert in a city that isn't hosting the Grey Cup that year, and have it televised, Kickoff Party type of thing. That would be good I think.

I say no to a an all star game because of the injury thing. And yes it is a huge factor. When players aren't going hard, ankles get rolled, knees get twistet. And honestly why would you want to watch a game where players aren't trying??

OR...u could have that big concert just before the opening game of the season.

sam roberts/ arcade fire/ simple plan ( local bands ) hosts a concert at molson stadium, then have a grey cup rematch in montreal right after.

Yes dg, in combo with an opening game as you say, much better!

There is 8 teams in the league .. to make a pro-bowl game, you'd have to select 25% of the players in the league to make up two pro-bowl teams. 1 out of 4 players would be considered allstars .. and thats laughable.


As for the people complaining about injuries .. While I agree injuries could occur; We already have 'mean nothing games' at the beginning of the season and they generally go pretty well. They are called 'exhibition games' ...


I think all-star type games really only work in baseball and basketball, more non-contact sports where an all-star game looks more like a regular game. In football and hockey, the games just come across too lame. I couldn't even watch last night's NHL all-star game after 5 minutes I thought I was watching a fast version of old-timers pickup hockey for christ sakes.

Yes. On Canada Day. That way the season would end a bit later too so we have more games in the snow. Global Warming is making it so that there's hardly any snow in October. Even in November for the Grey Cup it was +3 Degrees.

The difference of course in your apples to oranges comparison is that unlike an all star game , exhibition games aka pre-season games are necessary . You have to have them to prepare a roster , there is competition for spots on teams and teams need to get up to game speed with those games. But thank you for that insightful obsevation. :roll:

Don't bank on it , there was 18 inches of snow at -14 degrees with 60k winds for a wind chill of -27 at my place in the Fraser Valley out west in November .

Personally I'd love it if the season started on the May 24 weekend. The off-season is too long and by then I am desperate for football. And what is more Canadian than a 6 pack at the cottage with your feet up watching a game? And it would mean the season finishes a little earlier and weather would be less of a factor for outdoor Grey Cups.


If we get a "Pro Bowl", we should not make it a pre-season game and at least make it count. So the game has some relevance.

pennw, please read it again. I didn't suggest allstar games and exhibition games as being the same thing (which would be an apples/orange thing) .. I compared them as both being meaningless games before the start of the season. I appreciate your concern for my understanding the difference between the two types of games .. however, i assure you, i am already aware.


All-Star games, in any sport are just a waste of time. Look at the NHL all-star game played last night. It was glorified pond hockey, and not a showcase for how the NHL actually is, and it also goes for the NFL, NBA and MLB. Of any of those , baseball has the closest of any to a showcase game. The CFL does not need a "Pro Bowl" type of game.